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Hidefumi Maeda Last modified date:2021.06.30

Professor / Oral Rehabilitation / Department of Dental Science / Faculty of Dental Science

1. Maeda H, Aging and senescence of dental pulp and hard tissues of the tooth., Front Cell Dev Biol., 10.3389/fcell.2020.605996, 2020.11.
2. Maeda H, Mass acquisition of human periodontal ligament stem cells., World J Stem Cells., 10.4252/wjsc.v12.i9.1023, 2020.09, The periodontal ligament (PDL) is an essential fibrous tissue for tooth retention in the alveolar bone socket. PDL tissue further functions to cushion occlusal force, maintain alveolar bone height, allow orthodontic tooth movement, and connect tooth roots with bone. Severe periodontitis, deep caries, and trauma cause irreversible damage to this tissue, eventually leading to tooth loss through the destruction of tooth retention. Many patients suffer from these diseases worldwide, and its prevalence increases with age. To address this issue, regenerative medicine for damaged PDL tissue as well as the surrounding tissues has been extensively investigated regarding the potential and effectiveness of stem cells, scaffolds, and cytokines as well as their combined applications. In particular, PDL stem cells (PDLSCs) have been well studied. In this review, I discuss comprehensive studies on PDLSCs performed in vivo and contemporary reports focusing on the acquisition of large numbers of PDLSCs for therapeutic applications because of the very small number of PDLSCs available in vivo. .
3. Yoshida S, Tomokiyo A, Hasegawa D, Hamano S, Sugii H, Maeda H., Insight into the Role of Dental Pulp Stem Cells in Regenerative Therapy., Biology (Basel), 10.3390/biology9070160., 2020.07.
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8. Atsushi Tomokiyo, Naohisa Wada, Hidefumi Maeda, Contribution of stem cells to dental tissue regeneration; isolation, function, and application., Frontiers in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research Vol. 2, 2016, 3-38, 2016.07.
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10. Hidefumi Maeda, Akifumi Akamine, Quest for the development of tooth root/periodontal ligament complex by tissue engineering. , Integr Mol Med. , 1(2): 22-25, 2014. Doi: 10.15761/IMM.1000106, 2014.10, The life-span of the tooth is intimately-associated with healthiness of periodontal ligament (PDL) which is a connective tissue situated between bone and cementum that covers tooth root surface. However, once this tissue is severely damaged by deep caries, periodontitis, and trauma, this leads to severe difficulty in its regeneration, resulting in tooth loss and decreased quality of life. The development of the therapy for generation and regeneration of the periodontal tissue is an urgent issue. Therefore, researchers have tried to improve efficiently-generative and regenerative medicine using stem cells, signal molecules, and scaffolds, requisite for tissue regeneration. In recent studies, a dental follicle tissue that is composed of stem cell population potentially differentiating into PDL tissue, cementum, and alveolar bone is of current interest. More recently a revolutionary and attractive study reporting the development of bio-hybrid implant that reserved newly-formed cementum/PDL tissue complex on its surface was introduced. In this review, we describe comprehensive reports that tried to develop the cementum/PDL complex by tissue engineering and future prospects..
11. Hidefumi Maeda, Atsushi Tomokiyo, naohisa wada, Koori Katsuaki, Giichiro Kawachi, Akifumi Akamine, Regeneration of the periodontium for preservation of the damaged tooth, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2014.10, The population of the world grows every year, and life expectancy tends to increase. Thus, longterm preservation of teeth in aged individuals is an urgent issue. The main causes of tooth loss are well known to be periodontitis, caries, fractures, and orthodontic conditions. Although implant placement is a widely accepted treatment for tooth loss, most patients desire to preserve their own teeth. Many clinicians and researchers are therefore challenged to treat and preserve
teeth that are irreversibly affected by deep caries, periodontitis, fractures, and trauma. Tissue engineering techniques are beneficial in addressing this issue; stem
cells, signal molecules, and scaffolds are the main elements of such techniques. In this review, we describe these three elements with respect to their validation for regeneration of the periodontium and focus particularly on the potency of diverse scaffolds. In addition, we provide a short overview of the ongoing studies of 4-methacryloxyethyl trimellitate anhydride/methyl methacrylate-tri-n-butyl-borane resin including calcium chloride or hydroxyapatite for periodontium regeneration..
12. Hidefumi Maeda, naohisa wada, Atsushi Tomokiyo, Monnouchi Satoshi, Akifumi Akamine, Prospective Potency of TGF-1 on Maintenance and Regeneration of Periodontal Tissue., Elsevier Adadmic Press, 2013.06.
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