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List of Reports
Masato Furukawa Last modified date:2022.06.29

Professor / Fluids Engineering / Department of Mechanical Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. Direct Simulation of Broadband Turbulent Noise Using Lattice Boltzmann Method.
2. Detailed Experimental Measurements at Surge of Centrifugal Compressor.
3. EFD/CFD Analyses of Unsteady Flow Phenomena in Axial and Centrifugal Compressors.
4. Aerodynamic Design for Wind-Lens Turbine.
5. Prediction of Surge in Centrifugal Compressor.
6. Behavior of Tip Vortex in a Half-Ducted Propeller Fan.
7. Clarification of Rotating Stall Inception Phenomena in a Multi-Stage Axial Compressor.
8. Applications of Visualization Techniques to Unsteady Flow Phenomena in Compressors.
9. Effects of Tip Leakage Vortex Breakdown on Internal Flows and Performance Characteristics of Compressors.
10. Unsteady Flow Phenomena Related to Rotating Stall Inception in Axial Flow Compressors.
11. Development of New Type Wind Turbine Originated from University.
12. Unsteady Flow Phenomena in a Centrifugal Compressor Impeller at Rotating Stall
13. Challenge to Prediction of Unsteady Flow Phenomena in Decelerating Cascades Near Stall.
14. Extraction of Flow Phenomena in Turbomachinery Using Visual Data Mining.
15. Applications of CFD Analysis to Aerodynamic Noise Prediction for Propeller Fans.
16. Analysis of Vortical Flow Structure in Cascades.