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List of Reports
Joichi Sugimura Last modified date:2022.11.03

Professor / Machine design / Department of Mechanical Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. Romeo Glovnea, Marian Furtuna, Yuichiro Nagata, Joichi Sugimura, Electrical Methods for the Evaluation of Lubrication in Elastohydrodynamic Contacts, Tribology Online, Vol. 7, No. 1, 46-53, 2012.03.
2. Introduction to Boundary and Mixed Lubrication.
3. The Society Tomorrow.
4. Tribology in Gaseous Hydrogen.
5. Hydrogen refueling station in university campus.
6. The Society Tomorrow.
7. Surface roughness and tribology.
8. Recent tribology researches in the UK.
9. Useful formulae in tribology 12. Specific wear rate.
10. Useful formulae in tribology 10. EHL film thickness formulae.