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List of Reports
Yukinobu Watanabe Last modified date:2022.05.06

Professor / Energy System Technology / Department of Advanced Energy Science and Engineering / Faculty of Engineering Sciences

1. Hiroshi NISHIZAWA, Masateru HAYASHI, Tetsushi AZUMA, Yukinobu WATANABE, Tadahiro KIN, Radioactivity Measurement System Using a Sodium Iodide Scintillator Applying an Unfolding Processing Method, Jpn. J. Heath Phys. 49(1), 45-47 (2014), 2014.05.
2. Yukinobu Watanabe, A Working Group for Japanese Nuclear Data Measurement Network, JAEA-Conf 2013-002, pp.75-77, 2013.10.
3. Evaluation of cross sections for intermediate energy nucleon-induced reactions and their application to single-event phenomena.
4. Development of advanced monoenegetic neutron source using a tandem accelerator and its neutron beam applications.
5. Nuclear Science and Engineering Expected in High-Intensity Proton Accelerator Facility (J-PARC).
6. Seminar on Nuclear Data -- Chapter 2: Introduction to Nuclear Physics.
7. Study of intermediate energy proton nuclear data for advanced particle beam applications.
8. A study of existing experimental data and validation process for evaluated high energy nuclear data.
9. Present status and activities of high energy nuclear data evaluation -- For future radiation utilization facilities ---.