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List of Reports
Yasuko Koga Last modified date:2022.11.07

Associate Professor / Environmental Engineering, Planning and Design Section / Department of Architecture and Urban Design / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. B.S. Matusiak, S. Sibilio, J. Martyniuk-Peczek, C.N.D. Aomrim, M. Nazari, M. Boucher, M. Scorpio, N. Sokoi, G. Ciampi, Y. Koga, T. Laike, Subtask A: User Perspective and Requirements – A.2 Use cases, IEA SHC Task 61, 10.18777/ieashc-task61-2021-0008, 2021.10, [URL].
2. B. Bueno, D. Geisler-Moroder, U.G. Mai, M. Hegi, C. Jackson, J.A. Jakubiec, F. Jarrin, J. Kämpf, Y. Koga, M. Liaros, T. Luo, B. Obradovic, B. Paule, H. Poirazis, D. Speer, Z. Tian, T. Wang, D. Witzel, Workflows and software for the design of integrated lighting solutions, International Energy Agency, Solar Heating & Cooling Programme, 2019.11, Practitioners are using a wide variety of different workflows, methods and tools in the planning of integrated solutions for daylighting, electric lighting and lighting controls. Lighting design projects cover a huge variety of applications with different requirements as well as project types and sizes. Within the Subtask C "Design Support for Practitioners - Tools, Standards, Guidelines" of the IEA SHC Task 61 / EBC Annex 77 "Integrated Solutions for Daylighting and Electric Lighting: From Component to User Centered System Efficiency", currently applied workflows in practical applications have been reviewed..
3. Division 3: Interior Environment and Lighting Design - Future directions in revision of the lighting standard for indoor work places.
4. Future Prospect of Activities in JCIE/CIE Division 3.
5. Exposition of Terms on Lighting Design.
6. Supervisor Committee of Study on Luminous Environment at Present and in Future.
7. Report on the Divison 3 Meeting in Berlin.
8. The Current of Research on Daylighting.
9. Report on the Division 3 Meeting in Dublin.
10. Report on the CIE Division Meeting in San Diego.
11. Report on the Meeting of Division 3 in Ottawa.
12. The Present State and Challenges of Lighting Education in Architectural Studies.
13. Report on the Meeting of Division 3 in Raykjavik.
14. Report on the Meeting of Division 3 in York.
15. Report on the 5th JCIE Seminar "CIE/ISO Interior Lighting Standards and Lighting Design".
16. Perspectives on Lighting Technology toward the 21th Century - 3. Daylighting.
17. CIE Draft Standard: Lighting of Indoor Work Places.
18. CIE Warsaw Session: Report on the Division 3 Meeting.
19. Technological Trends Concerning Utilization of Daylight.
20. Report on the International Daylight Conference '98.
21. Report on the Meeting of Division 3 in Ottawa.
22. Report on the Meeting of Division 3 in Durban.
23. Daylighting from the Past.