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List of Reports
kazuhiro Yasuda Last modified date:2021.06.10

Associate Professor / Division of Quantum Science of Materials / Department of Applied Quantum Physics and Nuclear Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. K.E. Sickafus, R.J. Hanrahan, K.J. McClellan, J.N. Mitchell, C.J. Wetteland, D.P. Butt, P. Chodak, K.B. Ramsey, T.H. Blair, K. Chidester, H. Matzke, K. Yasuda, R.A. Verrall, N. Yu,, Burn and bury option for plutonium, Americal Ceramic Society Bulletin, 1999.01.
2. K. Yasuda, C. Kinoshita and S. Matsumura,, Effects of Simultaneous Displacive and Ionizing Radiation in Ionic and Covalent Crystals207 (2002) 53-74., Defect and Diffusion Forum, 2002.01.
3. C. Kinoshita, K. Yasuda and S. Matsumura, Effects of simultaneous displacive and ionizing radiations and electric field on radiation damage in ionic and covalent crystals, Metall. Trans., 2004.01.