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Yoshiki Hidaka Last modified date:2022.05.27

Assistant Professor / Applied Physics / Department of Applied Quantum Physics and Nuclear Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. Yoshiki Hidaka, Shoichi Kai, Dissipative Structures in Liquid Crystals, FORMA, 2015.09, [URL].
2. 日高 芳樹, Functional Roles of Noise in Nonlinear Nonequilibrium Systems, JPSJ News and Comments, Vol. 11, pp. 10-1-2, 2014.06, It is common knowledge in physics that noise breaks the order and hides essential properties of physical systems. On the other hand, noise plays surprising roles in nonlinear nonequilibrium systems. In some cases, it reveals essential properties and produces order, especially in living systems where functional roles of noise are found..
3. Pattern Formation in Liquid Crystals
Yoshiki HIDAKA and Shoichi KAI
Ekisho, Vol. 4, No. 3, pp.219-234 (2000).