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Kentaro Yamaguchi Last modified date:2022.05.15

Professor / Structural Engineering and Disaster Mitigation Section / Department of Architecture and Urban Design / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. Kentaro Yamaguchi, Toshikazu Hanazato, Ayako Maeshima, Gholamreza Zamani Ahari, Ryotaro Naka, Classification and Effects of Strengthening and Retrofitting Techniques
, 日本建築学会, 日本建築学会大会構造部門(壁式構造)パネルディスカッション「海外組積造住宅の地震災害軽減化とその課題」資料, 主題解説(3), pp.23-34, 2014.09.
2. Future Scenario of Habitat System and Potential Amount of Environmental Load Reduction.
3. Suitable evolution and development of the construction method and structural system adaptable for reuse of materials in Japan.