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List of Reports
Takahiro KUBA Last modified date:2019.06.20

Professor / Water and Material Cycles System / Faculty of Engineering

1. Water Reuse.
2. T. KUBA・M. van Loosdrecht・J.J. Heijnen, Delft STOWA report: Biological Phosphate Removal under Denitrifying Conditions, NOVEM No.351230/1110 & STOWA (Foundation for Water Research) - RIZA (Institute for Inland Water Management and Waste Water Treatment) No.RWZI 2000-3234/5, 1996.01.
3. T. KUBA・M. van Loosdrecht・J.J. Heijnen, Delft final report: Biological Phosphorus Removal from Waste Water by Anaerobi-Anoxic or Anaerobic-Aerobic Sequencing Batch Reactors, NOVEM (Netherlands Agency for th Environment and Energy) No.51120/1610, 1992.01.