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Hisashi Shimakoshi Last modified dateļ¼š2024.04.07

Professor / Artificial Enzyme Chemistry / Faculty of Engineering

1. Practical application of metal complex-photocatalyst hybrid for organic synthesis.
2. Vitamin B12-dependent enzymes, involving the cobalamin as a catalytic center, mediate various reactions. The Co(I) species of cobalamin is a supernucleophile and reacts with an alkyl halide to form an alkylated complex with dehalogenation. The alkylated complex is a useful reagent for forming radical species as the cobalt-carbon bond is cleaved homolytically by thermolysis, electrolysis and photolysis. In order to use vitamin B12 derivatives as green catalysts, development of B12 catalytic reaction to photosensitizer hybrid system have been carried out. And a novel hybrid catalyst constructed with cobalamin derivative and titanium oxide was also presented. Application of these B12 hybrid catalyst for several molecular transformations such as dechlorination of organic halides, coupling reaction, and 1,2-migration reaction of functional groups was reported..