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List of Presentations
Koji Morita Last modified date:2020.06.29

Professor / Nuclear Energy Systems / Department of Applied Quantum Physics and Nuclear Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. Koji Morita, Tatsuya Matsumoto, Isao Tatewaki, Syo Fuchita, Sloshing of Molten Fuel Pool and the Recriticality - Reactivity insertion caused by fuel motion -, A Topical Expert Meeting on Re-criticality Free SFR Concepts during HCDA, 2016.10.
2. GUO LIANCHENG, Morita Koji, Tagami Hirotaka, Tobita Yoshiharu, 3D Numerical Simulation of a Self-leveling Experiment using CFD-DEM Code, 日本原子力学会「2014年春の年会」, 2014.03.
3. Liu XianXing, GUO LIANCHENG, Morita Koji, Development of a Hybrid Particle-Mesh Method for Multiphase Flow Simulations, 日本原子力学会「2014年春の年会」, 2014.03.
4. Liancheng Guo, Koji Morita, Hirotaka Tagami, Yoshiharu Tobita, 炉心損傷時の炉心物質再配置挙動評価手法の開発;(6) Analysis of self-leveling experiment using CFD-DEM code, 日本原子力学会「2013年秋の大会」, 2013.09.
5. GUO LIANCHENG, Morita Koji, Tagami Hirotaka, Tobita Yoshiharu, Numerical Simulation of Bubbling Fluidized Bed using a CFD-DEM Hybrid Code, 日本原子力学会「2013年春の年会」, 2013.03.