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Akihiko HIguchi Last modified date:2023.08.04

Associate Professor / urban and environmental system / Faculty of Engineering

1. 樋口 明彦, Ongagawa River Riverfront Landscape Improvement Project: From Concrete-Walled Drainage Channel to Friendly Public Open Space, IFLA, 2012.08, Nohgata Riverside Park of Ongagawa River is one of a few contemporary examples in Japan that has successfully improved the riverfront from a drainage channel to a friendly public open space. In 2004, the author and his graduate students were asked by MLIT to prepare an alternative plan for OngagawaRiver’s riverfront in the central area of Nohgata.After a series of intensive discussionwitha concerned local citizen group, the team prepared a design plan to balance the flood control and the creation of organic open space. Following the plan, the west side shoulder of the flat high-water channel was cut down to make a gentle slope connecting the downtown Nohgata and the water both physically and psychologically. The east side one was also lowered with newly built stonewalled terraces. After the dramatic change of the landscape, the number of visitors of this riverfront has increased significantly and the level of flood control has also been improved..
2. Making Our Country Beautiful.
3. Citizen's Participation in Port Development in Japan.
4. Application of Landscape Map in Preservation of Rural Landscape.
5. Landscape Design and Consultants.
6. Community Planning in Japan.
7. Civil Engineering Heritage in Kyushu.
8. BIDs in the US.
9. Rural Living: A Case Study in Shima Town.
10. PC as a cultural maniesto of our age.
11. Civil Engineering Heritage in Kyushu and Infrastructure Development in the 21st Century.
12. My Favorite Town.
13. Application of Landscape Map in Preservation of Rural Landscape.
14. Land Planning in Globalization of IT Era.
15. Application of Landscape Map in Preservation of Rural Landscape.
16. A Study on Sustainable Development in Suburbs.
17. Application of Image Sketches in Landscape Preservation.
18. Application of Landscape Map in Evaluating Development Pressure.
19. Locational Preferences of New Media Start-Ups in North America.