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Akihiko HIguchi Last modified dateļ¼š2023.08.04

Associate Professor / urban and environmental system / Faculty of Engineering

1. The Building of Networks in a "Single Families Society".
2. Robert Yaro and Akihiko Higuchi, Mass Bay Commons, Harvard University Graduate School of Design Studio Report, Harvard University, 1998.01.
3. Jane Thompson, Almando Carbonell, Harry Dodson, Robert Yaro, and Akihiko Higuchi, Four Elements in Harmony: A Vision for Kyoto, Team eco/Plan, Future Vision of Kyoto for the 21st Century Competition application, 1997.01.
4. Edited by Robert Yaro and Akihiko Higuchi, A Region in Transition: Choosing a Future for Southeastern Massachusetts, Harvard University, 1997.01.