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List of Presentations
Masa-aki Morikawa Last modified date:2021.11.01

Assistant Professor / Biofunctional Chemistry / Department of Applied Chemistry / Faculty of Engineering

1. #Yuki Nagai, #Masaya Matsuki, @Masa-aki Morikawa, @Teppei Yamada, @Nobuo Kimizuka, Crystal and electronic structures of chiral-lipid-packaged 1D halogen-bridged Pt complexes, 錯体化学会第69回討論会, 2019.09.
2. Tejwant Singh Kang, Masa-aki Morikawa, Nobuo Kimizuka, Modulation of Colloidal Behavior of Azo-Surfactants using logic Liquids in Aqueous Medium, 第69回コロイドおよび界面化学討論会, 2018.09.
3. Yuki Nagai, Keita Ishiba, Ryosuke Yamamoto, Masa-aki Morikawa, Nobuo Kimizuka, Optical control of Arylazopyrazole Polar Crystals, 2017.12.
4. Yuki Nagai, Keita Ishiba, Ryosuke Yamamoto, Masa-aki Morikawa, Nobuo Kimizuka, Photocontrolled formation of arylazopyrazole polar crystals, 九州西部ー釜山慶南部高分子繊維シンポジウム, 2017.12.
5. Masa-aki Morikwa, Ionic liquids for biomaterials synthesis and solar thermal storage, 21st International Conference of Solid State Ionics (SSI-21) , 2017.06, 本発表では、バイオカプセルの作製や太陽光エネルギーの蓄熱において、イオン液体が非常に重要な役割を果たすことについて紹介した。例えば、イオン液体/水界面へのタンパク質の自発的な吸着により、有機溶媒を一切使うことなくタンパク質カプセルをワンポットで合成できる技術を開発した。また、カプセル内へ核酸や酵素を容易に内包できることを紹介した。さらに、光異性化部位を導入した新しいイオン液体を合成し、光によるイオン結晶-イオン液体間の相転移現象を利用することにより、蓄熱量を倍増できることを紹介した。.
6. Shinya Uchino, Keita Ishiba, JOSEPH KA HO HUI, Masa-aki Morikawa, Nobuo Kimizuka, Dielectric property of dendric Zn porphyrins axially coordinated with ditopic dipolar ligands, The 11th SPSJ International Polymer Conference (IPC2016), 2016.12.
7. 楊 カンギョク, 石場 啓太, 森川 全章, 君塚 信夫, Synthesis of Liquid Arylazopyrazole Derivatives and Their Photo- and Thermal-isomerization Properties, 日本化学会 第96春季年会, 2016.03.
8. 森川 全章, 君塚 信夫, HUI JOSEPH KA HO, 竹増 賢太, 岸田寛之, Ferroelectric coordination polymers self-assembled from liquid crystalline zinc(II) porphyrin and dipyridyl ligands , Pacifichem2015, 2015.12.
9. 石場啓太, 主税智恵, 森川 全章, 山田 鉄兵, 君塚 信夫, Reversible photo-induced liquefaction and crystallization of ionic azobenzene derivatives with photon energy storage characteristics, Pacifichem2015, 2015.12.
10. 山本凌輔, 南祐介, HUI JOSEPH KA HO, 森川 全章, 君塚 信夫, Supramolecular gelation of functional liquids and their dielectric properties, Pacifichem2015, 2015.12.
11. 山本凌輔, 南祐介, HUI JOSEPH KA HO, 森川 全章, 君塚 信夫, Supramolecular gelation of polar aromatic liquids and their dielectric polarization properties, 九州韓国ジョイントシンポジウム, 2015.11.
12. 石場啓太, 主税智恵, 外山泰弘, 川北美香, 森川 全章, 山田 鉄兵, 君塚 信夫, Phase-Crossover Materials: Photo-induced Crystal-to-Ionic Liquid Phase Transition and Controlled Ionic Conductivity of Azobenzene Derivatives, The 10th SPSJ International Polymer Conference, 2014.12.
13. Masa-aki Morikawa, SUPRAMOLECULAR ENGINEERING OF NANOSTRUCTURES BY INTERFACIAL SELF-ASSEMBLY OF AMPHIPHILIC BUILDING BLOCKS, Korea-Japan Joint Symposium: Assembly Technology in Polymer Science, 2014.04.
14. Joseph K.-H. Hui, Hiroyuki Kishida, Kenta Takemasu, Masa-aki Morikawa, Nobuo Kimizuka, Bridging Zinc(II) Porphyrin with Polar Dipyridyl Ligands: Access to Ferroelectric Coordination Polymers, 錯体化学会第63回討論会, 2013.11.
15. Tsunofuri Shohei, Morikawa Masa-aki, Kimizuka Nobuo, Controlled Self-Assembly of Europium(III) Complexes in Water-Ethanol Mixtures and Their Luminescence Characteristics, The 9th SPSJ International Polymer Conference(IPC2012), 2012.12.
16. Furutani Hidenori, Kuwahara Rempei, Takemasu Kenta, Iguchi Hiroaki, Morikawa Masa-aki, Kimizuka Nobuo, Coordination polymers self-assembled from paddle-wheel Rh complexes and multifunctional bridging ligands in organic media, The 9th SPSJ International Polymer Conference(IPC2012) , 2012.12.
17. Ishiba Keita, Noguchi Takao, Iguchi Hiroaki, Morikawa Masa-aki, Kimizuka Nobuo, Spontaneous Aqueous Self-assembly of Nanosheets from POMs and Ammonium Ions, The 9th SPSJ International Polymer Conference(IPC2012), 2012.12.
18. Morikawa Masa-aki, Kimizuka Nobuo, Dissipative Superstructures of Cyanine J-Aggregates Emerged at Water/Ionic Liquid Interface, The 9th SPSJ International Polymer Conference(IPC2012), 2012.12.
19. Oishi Yasunori, Morikawa Masa-aki, Kimizuka Nobuo, Interfacial synthesis of protein nanocapsules by using ether-containing ionic liquids, The 9th SPSJ International Polymer Conference(IPC2012), 2012.12.
20. Tejwant Singh, Morikawa Masa-aki, Kimizuka Nobuo, Thermal control over specific self-assembly of azobenzene surfactant in ionic liquid/water mixtures, Chemical Constellation Cheminar-2012, 2012.09.
21. Joseph K.-H. Hui, Morikawa Masa-aki, Kimizuka Nobuo, Supramolecular Self-assembly of Anionic Mixed Valence Ruthenium Complexes Regulated by Ammonium Counterions and Solvent Pairs, 95th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, 2012.05.
22. Ogawa Shigesaburo, Morikawa Masa-aki, Kimizuka Nobuo, Self-assembly of luminescent BF2dk complexes in organic media and on solid surfaces, Australian/MANA workshop on Nanoarchitectonics for Innovative Materials & Systems, 2012.05.