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List of Reports
Syo Matsumura Last modified date:2021.10.28

Professor / Quantum Sciences of Materials / Department of Applied Quantum Physics and Nuclear Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. Atomic structure and disordering at ion tracks in magnesium aluminate spinel.
2. Tomographic dark-field observation of D1a-ordered Ni4Mo precipitates.
3. TEM-tomography observation of ion-irradiated FePt nano-granular films.
4. Electron channeling X-ray spectroscopy and its application to structure analysis of crystalline materials.
5. Electron channeling x-ray spectroscopy.
6. X-ray energy-dispersive spectroscopy.
7. Convergent beam electron diffraction techniques.
8. K. Yasuda, C. Kinoshita, S. Matsumura, Effects of simultaneous displacive and ionizing radiation in ionic and covalent crystals, Defect and Diffusion Forum, 206-207, 53-74, 2002.10.
9. Atomistic microstructures in short-range ordered alloys.
10. Radiation-induced disordering in magnsium aluminate spinel compounds.
11. Electron channeling enhanced x-ray spectroscopy and its application to structure analysis of crystalline materials.
12. Defect clusters in yttria-stablized cubic zirconia irradiated with ions and/or electrons.
13. Element mapping around grain boundaries in Ca-doped ?Si3N4 by electron spectroscopic imaging.
14. Electron diffraction in EF-TEM.
15. Y. Tomokiyo, S. Matsumura, Electron diffraction as a tool to extract quantitative information on crystals, Proc. Asian Sci. Seminar New Direction in Tramsmission Electron Microscopy and Nano-Characterization of Materials, 119-133, 1998.08.
16. Energy Filtering Electron Diffraction and its Application to Materials Science.