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List of Reports
Shigeru Fujino Last modified dateļ¼š2024.05.03

Professor / Advanced Functional Materials / Department of Global Innovation / Faculty of Engineering Sciences

1. S.Fujino and K.Morinaga, Silicate glass coatings on Co-Cr implant alloys, Annual Reports of HVEM Laboratory Kyushu University, pp.5-6., 2003.03.
2. Reports on Lawrece berkeley national laboratory during my stay in U.S.A.
3. optical properties and fiber application of multi-componet glasses.
4. Evaluation technique of surface tension for glass melts in the high temperature region.
5. History and problem of material prosseing.
6. Report on 6th Otto schott coloquim.
7. Report on 6th Otto schott coloquim.
8. S. Fujino, H. Takebe and K. Morinaga, Refractive-Index Dispersion and Vacuum Ultraviolet Reflection of Oxide Glasses, UVSOR activity report, OKAZAKI National Research Institutes, 1995.04.
9. High refractive index glasses.