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List of Papers
TOSHIO ISHIOKA Last modified date:2024.04.22

Assistant Professor / Chemistry of Physical Properties / Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering / Faculty of Engineering Sciences

1. Miki Sato, Yuki Maeda, Toshio Ishioka, Akira Harata, Photoionization of environmentally polluting aromatic chlorides and nitrides on the water surface by laser and synchrotron radiations, Analyst, 142, 23, 4560-4569, 2017.12.
2. Kentaro Tomita, Toshio Ishioka, Akira Harata, Introduction of a Disulfide Bond as a Key Element of Acyclic Bis-Thiourea-type Anion Receptors, Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, 87, 3, 425-434, 2014.03.
3. Kentaro Tomita, TOSHIO ISHIOKA, Akira Harata, Development of an Anion Probe: Detection of Sulfate Ion by Two-Photon Fluorescence of Gold Nanoparticles, Analytical Sciences, 10.2116/analsci.28.1139, 28, 12, 1139-1145, 2012.12.
4. S. Hitaka, K. Tomita, T. Ishioka and A. Harata, Salt Effect on the Photoelectron Emission Threshold from the Wet Surface of TiO2, UVSOR Activity Report 2010, 2011.04.
5. T. Ishioka, N. Inoue, N. Fujii, K. Nishimura, and A. Harata, Photoionization Threshold of Pyrene and Perylene on the Surface of 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate/Water Mixture, UVSOR Activity Report 2009, 67, 2010.04.
6. T. Ishioka, N. Inoue, and A. Harata, Photoionization Threshold of Aromatic Molecules on the Suface of Ionic Liquid/Water Mixture, UVSOR Activity Report 2008, 58, 2009.06.
7. N. Inoue, T. Ishioka, A. Harata, Photoionization of Perylene on Ionic Liquid Surfaces, UVSOR Activity Report 2007, 76, 2008.05.
8. Nobuhiro Inoue, Toshio Ishioka, and Akira Harata, High Performance Photooxidation of Phenol with Singlet Oxygen in Ionic Liquids: Singlet oxygen generation and photo-oxidation of phenol in ionic liquid, Chemistry Letters, in press, 2009.05.
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10. N. Inoue, M. Makita, T. Ishioka and A. Harata, Effect of anionic species in ionic liquids on photostability, UVSOR Activity Report 2006, 2007.03.
11. Ishioka, Toshio; Harata, Akira., Effect of Alkyl Chain Length on Photoionization at the Water Surface, UVSOR Activity Report 2005, 61(2006), 2006.03.
12. Ishioka, Toshio; Uchida,Tatsuya; Teramae, Norio., Time-resolved Near-infrared Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of a Surface-confined Electrochemical Reaction of 9,10-Phenanthrenequinone, 72, 2713-2717, 1999.01.
13. Ishioka, Toshio; Uchida, Tatsuya; Teramae, Norio., Analysis of the redox reaction of 9,10-phenanthrenequinone on a gold electrode surface by cyclic voltammetry and time-resolved Fourier transform surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopy, Analytica Chimica Acta, 10.1016/S0003-2670(01)01352-6, 449, 1-2, 253-260, 449, 253-260 (2001), 2001.01.