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Satoshi YOSHIDA Last modified date:2022.06.10

Professor / Environmental Control Center for Experimental Biology

1. Academic activity of Biotron Institute, Kyushu University for development of greenhouse technology (Japanese text)..
2. Control of nutrient solution in hydroponics.
Pages 194-195 in "Environmental Engineering in Agriculture" edited by Japanese Society of Environment Control in Biology (Japanese text)..
3. Root System of Plug-grown Seedlings (pages 178-181 in S. Morita (ed.) Root Design, Yokendo, Tokyo. 2003. (Japanese text).
4. S. Yoshida, Root growth subsequent to transplanting in plug-grown cabbage seedlings.
In C. Kubota and C. Chun (eds.) Transplant production in the 21st century.
, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht., Pages 178-182, 2000.01.
5. Dissolved oxygen in hydroponics. (in Handbook of Environment Control of Biology).