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List of Reports
Takahisa Miyamoto Last modified date:2021.07.05

Professor / Division of Food Science & Biotechnology / Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Mechanism for antibacterial action of catechin.
2. Growth characteristics and control of bacterial spore in foods.
3. Development of method eliminating bacteria from fresh produce to secure food safety.
4. Study on rapid and sensitive detection of Salmonella.
5. Biosensor.
6. Studies on freezing torelance of plant by accumulation of trehalose.
K. Honjoh, M. Iio, T. Miyamoto.
7. T. Miyamoto, Overview of food-borne disease in Japan,, Food Science and Industry, 37(2): 12-21, 2004.04.
8. Detection of food poisoning bacteria by using PCR and QCM.
9. Sensitive detection of bacterial toxin
T. Miyamoto
Seibutu-kogaku Kaishi, 81:442(2003).
10. Measurement of viavle bacteria and toxins by FCM
T. Miyamoto
Center news of advanced instrumental analysis Kyushu University,22(2),p.1-4(2003).
11. Trends of Research and Development of rapid Detection method for Food microorganisms
T. Miyamoto
Shokuhinn to Gijutu, 384:1-11(2003).
12. Novel detection method for toxins in dairy products
T. Miyamoto
Kagaku to seibutu, 41(4):221-223 (2003).
13. Development of plants with high freezing torelance by introducing genes involved in the freezing torelance of Chlorella
K. Hnjoh, M. Iio, T. Miyamoto.
14. Simple and Rapid detection method for food poisoning bacteria
T. Miyamoto
Shokuhin kougyou, 2000.7.30,45-51(2000).
15. Simple and Rapid detection method for food apoisoning
T. Miyamoto
Nihon shokuhinn kagaku kougaku kaishi, 47(3):173-180(2000).
16. Clarification of mechanism for freezing injury of E. coli O157:H7 in foods.
T. Miyamoto, S. Hatano, K. Honjoh.
17. Development of rapid and simple method for detection of food poisoning and spoilage bacteria
T. Miyamoto
Kagaku to Seibutu,37(7),482-486 (1999).
18. Studies on initiation of sporulation of B. cereus.
S. Hatano, K. Honjoh, T. Miyamoto.
19. Development of Freezing torelant bakers yeast by introducing genes involved in freezing torelance of Chlorella.
K. Honjoh, S. Hatano, T. Miyamoto.
20. Development of sensitive and rapid detection method for E. coli and coliform bacteria.
T. Miyamoto, S. Hatano, K. Honjoh..
21. Rapid detectio nf B .cereus emetic toxin and Clarification of mechanism for production of the toxin
T. Miyamoto, S. Hatano, M. Yoshimoto.
22. Studies on freezing torelance of bakers yeast
S. Hatano, M. Yoshimoto, T. Miyamoto..
23. Preparation of peptide antibody inhibiting polyphenol oxidase.
M/ Yoshimoto, S. Hatano, T. Miyamoto.
24. Studies on inhibition of sporulation of Bacillus
T. Miyamoto, S. hatano, M. Yoshimoto.
25. Rapid detection of salmonella by ELISA using monoclonal antibodies..