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Kazuo Ogata Last modified date:2019.06.14

Professor / Tropical Crops and the Envrionment /

1. HALL ANDREW, 福留 留美, 小島 健太郎, Gerard Remijin, VAN GOETHEM ELLEN, Jane Harland, Andrew Robertson, Jeffrey Kurashige, Gabrielle Decamous, POLLACK JORDAN IAN, Eleazar Jimenez Serano, 緒方 一夫, How to survive and thrive in higher education: practical lessons from the Kyushu University international faculty, 九州大学, 2014.03.
2. Ogata, K., Asian ant inventory and international networks., 「熱帯アジア産昆虫類のインベントリー作成と国際ネットワークの構築に関する研究」科学研究費補助金成果報告書, 2005.03.