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Tomoki   Soh Last modified date:2023.06.07

Assistant Professor / Animal and Marine Bioresource Science, Graduate School of Bioresouce and Bioenvironmental Science / Department of Bioresource Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Gakushi Kito, Hiroaki Tanaka, Tomoki   Soh, Nobuhiko Yamauchi, Masa-aki Hattori, The putative promoters of germ cell-specific genes and Nanog are hypomethylated in chicken sperm., Journal of Reproduction and Development, 60, 3, 224-229, 2014.06, Germ cell-specific genes such as Ddx4, Dnd1, and Dazl play critical roles in the proliferation and survival of germ cells. However, the methylation state of the promoter in mature germ cells is still unknown. Here, we investigated the methylation levels of these genes and the pluripotency marker gene Nanog in chicken sperm as compared with the Alb gene in the liver. CpG islands and/or promoter motifs such as TATA box, GC box and CAAT box were found within the putative promoter regions that we identified. By using the bisulfite reaction, CpG sites in the putative promoters were converted, and they were analyzed by sequencing. The putative promoters of Ddx4, Dnd1, Dazl and Nanog showed very low methylation levels in sperm, but they were highly methylated in the liver. Conversely, the Alb gene promoter was highly methylated in sperm and hypomethylated in the liver. However, no transcripts of Ddx4, Dnd1, Dazl and Nanog were detected in sperm or the liver. Also, no transcripts of Dnmt1 and Dnmt3a were detected in sperm. Our present results may indicate that these germ cell-specific genes and the pluripotency marker gene are ready to express any time after fertilization. Our findings showing that low methylation and selective DNA methylation of specific genes are present in chicken sperm contribute to our understanding of fertilization and embryogenesis of birds..
2. Kei Nishihara, W. Iwasaki, M.Nakamura, E. Higrashi, Tomoki   Soh, T. Itoh, H. Okada, R. Maeda, Renshi Sawada, Development of a wireless sensor for the measurement of chicken blood flow using the laser doppler blood flow meter technique., Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 60, 1645-1653, 2013.04, Here, we report the development of an integrated laser Doppler blood flow micrometer for chickens. This instrument enables the detection of chickens that are infected with the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus, based on the principal that infected birds show blood circulation failure. This sensor weighs only 18 g and is one of the smallest-sized blood flow meters, with no wired line, these are features necessary for attaching the sensor to the chicken. The structure of the sensor chip consists of two silicon cavities with a photo diode and a laser diode, which was achieved using the microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technique, resulting in its small size and significantly low power consumption. In addition, we introduced an intermittent measuring arrangement in the measuring system to reduce power consumption and to enable the sensor to work longer. We were successfully able to measure chicken blood flow for five consecutive days, and discovered that chicken blood flow shows daily fluctuations..
3. 木藤学志、荒牧伸弥、田中浩嗣、宗 知紀、山内伸彦、服部眞彰, Temporal and Spatial Differential Expression of Chicken Germline-specific Proteins cDAZL, CDH and CVH During Gametogenesis, Journal of Reproduction and Development, 56, 3, 341-346, 2010.06, [URL].
4. 荒牧伸弥、久保田海雄、宗 知紀、山内伸彦、服部眞彰, Chicken dead end homologue protein is a nucleoprotein of germ cells including primordial germ cells., Journal of Reproduction and Development, 55, 2, 214-218, 2009.04.
5. 黒川雅俊、佐藤文規、荒牧伸弥、宗 知紀、山内伸彦、服部眞彰, Monitor of the myostatin autocrine action during differentiation of embyonic chicken myoblasts into myotubes: effect of IGF-I, Moll. Cell biochem., 331, 193-199, 2009.05.
6. 久保田海雄、山内伸彦、松本健二、渡辺 諒、大園慎二、荒牧伸弥、Chris Wood、宗 知紀、服部眞彰, Expression of Hedgehog Family Genes in the Rat Uterus During Early Pregnancy, Journal of Reproduction and Development, Vol. 54, No. 5, 340-345, 2008.10.
7. Sinya Aramaki, Fuminori Sato, Takako Kato, Tomoki Soh, Yukio Kato, Masa-aki Hattori, Molecular cloning and expression of dead end homologue in chicken primordial germ cells, Cell and Tissue Research, 330:45-52, 2007.07.
8. 宗 知紀・井上良枝・席 咏梅・加藤幸雄・服部眞彰, Production of interspecific germline chimera between quail and chcken utilizing the cells from central disk of blastoderm and germinal crescent region, J. Fac. Agr. Kyushu Univ., 49, 1, 69-75, Vol. 49, No.1, pp69-75, 2004.01.
9. 荒井 学・山内伸彦・福田裕明・宗 知紀・服部眞彰, Development of multidrug resistance type I P-glycoprotein fuction during in vitro maturation of porcine oocyte, Reproductive Toxicology, Vol.21, pp34-41, 2006.01.
10. 荒牧伸弥・佐藤文規・宗 知紀・山内伸彦・酒井貴文・服部眞彰, Temporal and spatial expression of TGF-beta2 in chicken somites during early embryonic development, Journal of experimental zoology, 10.1002/jez.a.148, 303A, 5, 323-330, Vol.303A, pp323-330, 2005.01.
11. 平野拓郎・山内伸彦・佐藤文規・宗 知紀・服部眞彰, Evaluation of RNA interference in developing porcine granulosa cells using fluorescence reporter genes, Journal of reproduction and development, 10.1262/jrd.50.599, 50, 5, 599-603, Vol.50, No.5, pp599-603, 2004.01.
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14. 林 清寛・古瀬充宏・宗 知紀・草場治雄・岩元久雄・安藤光一, Development and age-related change of cerebrovascular noradrenergic (NA) innervation in the Japanese quail., Animal Science Journal, Vol. 73: pp523-531, 2002.12.
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