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Yuji Tsutsumi Last modified date:2020.06.17

Professor / Sustainable Bioresources Science / Department of Agro-environmental Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Jun Shigeto, Yuji Tsutsumi, Diverse functions and reactions of class III peroxidases, New Phytologist, Volume 209, Issue 4, Pages 1395–1402, 2016.03, [URL], Higher plants contain plant-specific peroxidases (class III peroxidase; Prxs) that exist as large multigene families. Reverse genetic studies to characterize the function of each Prx have revealed that Prxs are involved in lignification, cell elongation, stress defense and seed germination. However, the underlying mechanisms associated with plant phenotypes following genetic engineering of Prx genes are not fully understood. This is because Prxs can function as catalytic enzymes that oxidize phenolic compounds while consuming hydrogen peroxide and/or as generators of reactive oxygen species. Moreover, biochemical efforts to characterize Prxs responsible for lignin polymerization have revealed specialized activities of Prxs. In conclusion, not only spatiotemporal regulation of gene expression and protein distribution, but also differentiated oxidation properties of each Prx define the function of this class of peroxidases..
2. Utilization of the extracts from sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D.Don) as bioactive compounds.