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JUNJI MATSUMURA Last modified date:2021.06.21

Professor / Sustainable Bioresources Science / Department of Agro-environmental Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Cultivation and wood quality of Japanese fast growing trees. J. Matsumura. "Sanrin", Dai Nihon Sanrinkai, Tokyo, Japan. No. 1458: 20-26. 2005.
2. A.Singh, J.Matsumura, R.Anderson, J.Warnes, Application of light microscopy in understanding wood-glue interaction., Wood Processing Newsletter, New Zealand Forest Research Limited, Rotorua, New Zealand, Issue No. 25, 1999.05.
3. Fundamental understanding of radiata pine in New Zealand. J. Matsumura. Wood Industry 53 (5): 232-235. 1998..
4. Relationship between wood structure and permeability of softwoods. J. Matsumura. Symposium "Improvement of permeability for drying". 5-8. 1997.