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Yasuhiro Utsumi Last modified dateļ¼š2023.07.13

Associate Professor / Forest Sciences / Department of Agro-environmental Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Yasuhiro Utsumi, Yzou Sano, Freeze stabilization and cryopreparation technique for visualizing the water distribution in woody tissues by X-ray imaging and cryo-scanning electron microscopy. In J. kuo ed. Electron Microscopy: Methods and Protocols Third edition.
, Springer, 677-688, 2014.01.
2. Utsumi, Y. and Sano, Y., Cryoplaning technique for visualizing the distribution of water in woody tissues by cryoscanning electron microscopy, Humana Press, In J. Kuo ed. Electron Microscopy: Methods and Protocols, Second Edition., Totawa, NJ, 497-506., 2007.02.
3. H. G. Richter, D. Grosser, I. Heinz & P. E. Gasson, IAWA List of Microscopic Features for Softwood Identification (2004) IAWA Committee.
4. Forest and Trees in Kyushu University.