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Takashi OKAYASU Last modified date:2021.06.17

Associate Professor / Bioproduction Environmental Sciences / Department of Agro-environmental Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Takashi OKAYASU, Informatization Agriculture in Japan, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering (ISABE) 2013, 8pages, 2013.08, Agriculture is dependent on climate, weather, soil conditions, and crop types. Therefore, farmers have tried to develop and improve their own cultivation techniques and senses during the long-term experiences so as to fit the peripheral field environment. Information Communication Technology (ICT) is currently applied in several fields of agriculture to improve the agricultural productivity and cultivation skills. There are many kinds of ICT-agriculture applications that already used for supporting the agricultural production such as environmental monitoring, precision agriculture including spatial data collection, precision irrigation and supplying data to farmers, facility automation including greenhouse control and animal-feeding facility (Wang, 2006).
On the other hand, authors have tried to develop the informatization agricultural supporting system called “Agri-eye” to optimize the agricultural production system (Okayasu et al., 2010). This system is composed of field environmental monitoring and acquisition, crop growth diagnosis and quality evaluation, work history recording, data analysis and visualization, and communication tools, and so on. The field environmental monitoring devices above 50 have been installed in the fields above 10 mainly in the Fukuoka and the Oita prefectures. The work recording system has been also distributed over the Internet and can be utilized through the web browsers on personal computers, mobile phones, and smartphones. The validity of the systems has been verified by the feasibility studies up to present.
In this article, several application examples of the informatization agriculture in Japan will be introduced here..
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