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List of Presentations
SATO Goshi Last modified date:2021.05.25

Assistant Professor / International Agrifultural Resource Economics and Business Administration / Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics / Faculty of Agriculture

1. A Study on the Associates between Farmers and Consumers in the Organic Agriculture, Goshi SATO, The Organic Agricultural Society of Japan.
2. A Study on The Certification Systems of Low Input Agricultural Products :A Case of JA in Kyushu, Goshi SATO, Kentaro YOKOTE, The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan.
3. A Study on the Circular Use of Livestock's Urine in Kishima Area Saga Prefecture,Goshi SATO,The Society For Studies On Entropy.
4. The MEKA program in Germany(Land Baden-Württemberg)as an Agri-environmental Program of Voluntarily Participatory Type, Hiroshi YOKOGAWA, Goshi SATO
, Yutaka UNE, The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan.