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List of Presentations
Shinya Koga Last modified date:2022.06.13

Professor / Agro-environmental sciences / Department of Agro-environmental Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Shinya Koga, Ryouichi Suzuki, Takeshi Fujiwara, Hidetoshi Kato, Tetsuo Okano, Yasuhiro Utsumi, Takefumi Ikeda, Development of a portable X-ray CT device for nondestructive inspection of standing trees, 21st International Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation of Wood Symposium, 2019.09.
2. Marly Orrego, Tsuyoshi Kajisa, Yufu Tanizaki, Shin Ugawa, Akio Inoue, Shinya Koga, Tomonori Kume, Takuo Hishi, Tsutomu Enoki, Regional scale factors influencing early stage litter decomposition in Moso bamboo stands, The EEF Congress 2019, 2019.07.
3. Yasuda, Y., Utsumi, Y., Tashiro, N., Koga, S., Apical growth suppression precedes of radial growth suppression under shading in Abies sachalinensis saplings, The 9th PRWAC & IAWS meeting, 2017.09.
4. Uchida, EM, Katayama, A, Utsumi, Y, Enoki, T, Koga, S, Otsuki, K, Respiration and anatomical characteristics of Moso bamboo culms, 日本生態学会第63回全国大会, 2016.03.
5. Yuko Yasuda, Yasuhiro Utsumi, Shinya Koga, Naoaki Tashiro, Effects of relative light intensity to the secondary xylem formation in Abies sachalinensis, International Symposium on Wood Science and Technology 2015, 2015.03.
6. Shinya Koga, Yuta Imamura, Yasuhiro Utsumi, Takuo Hishi, Tsutomu Enoki, Naoaki Tashiro, Growth and wood properties of Japanese larch planted in two different regions of Japan, International Symposium on Wood Science and Technology 2015, 2015.03.
7. Kimio Kanayama, Hiromu Baba, Shinya Koga, Tomoyoshi Sugawara, Hiroshi Taniguchi, Calculation of working capacity on an opaque solar lumber drying house when considering radiation spectrum of composite surface, Grand Renewable Energy 2014 International conference and exhibition, 2014.07.
8. Shinya koga, Kimio Kanayama, Hiromu Baba, Hideaki Tsuchihashi, Tomoyoshi Sugawara, Drying on the board- and boxed heart squares-larch lumbers within an opaque solar drying house covered by a composite surface, ISES Solar World Congress, 2013.11.
9. Kana Kamimura, Barry Gardiner, Sophie Hale, Yasushi Mitsuda, Shinya koga, Shigejiro Yoshida, Stability of planted Japanese larch against strong wind with tree growth, The 3rd International Congress on Planted Forests, 2013.05.
10. Relationship between twist and wood quality characteristics of dimension lumbers from Japanese larch..
11. Water transport pathway of xylem in 51 broad leaved trees..
12. Dynamic MOE, basic density and green moisture content of sugi cultivars..
13. Effect of barking on xylem and phloem formation of hinoki..
14. Effect of barking on wood anatomy and physical properties of hinoki..
15. Effect of initial stocking on growth and wood properties of sugi cultivar..
16. Cmparision of the growth and wood quality of sugi clones among plantation areas
17. Relationship between growth and wood density in balsam fir..
18. Wood properties of Japanese larch: modelling and integration with a stand level growth simulator.
19. Modelling basic wood properties of Japanese larch (Larix kaempferi) and integration with a stand level growth simulator.
20. Wood quality of the sugi clones selected in Kyushu. Variation in Dynamic MOE.
21. Rlationship of wood properties in sugi to genetic distance and environment..
22. Impact of stand and tree characteristics on lumber recovery and quality in balsam fir and black spruce..
23. Strategy for suitable thinning and haravest regime of Japanese larch in Hokkaido based on sawing methods..
24. Axial variation in dynamic MOE of sugi clones within stem..
25. Effect of thinning on growth and wood properties of balsam fir..
26. Variation in mechanical properties of sugi cultivated from cutting. Nondestructive evaluation of stem-MOE..
27. Preliminary report on production of "hiwada" from hinoki stem in Kyushu..
28. A new forest-stand database with wood quality and genotype data of trees.
29. Effect of thinning on wood formation of Larix kaempfer.