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List of Papers
Hideko Taniguchi Last modified date:2021.10.22

Professor / International Social Development / Department of Multicultural Society / Faculty of Languages and Cultures

1. The Female Hero and Representations of Masculinity in Petronella.
2. Crossing Gender Boundaries: Rhetorical Cross-Dressing in Masako Watanabe's "Okaasama [The Mother]", Gender Studies in Japanese, no.18, 2019.
3. The Retelling and the Reconstruction of "The Princess Who Loved Insects", Journal of Gender Studies Japan, 2016.
4. Hideko Taniguchi, The Marvelous Village Veiled in Mist and Spirited Away, Linguistic Science, vol.51, 1-8, 2016.03.
5. Cross-Dressing in Girl in Blue, Linguistic Science, 2014.
6. Rhetorical Cross-dressing in "Boku wa Kaguya Hime [I am Princess Kaguya]", Nihonngo to Gender, 2012.
7. Hideko Taniguchi, To Eat or Not to Eat: Fear and Safety in Yuichi Kimura's One Stormy Night, Studies in Languages and Cultures, 28, 209-216, 2012.03.
8. Hideko Taniguchi, The Reception and the Adaptation of Diana Coles' The Clever Princess in Japan, 言語文化論究, 25, 131-140, 2010.03.
9. Hideko Taniguchi, Yamambas, an Alternative to Gender-Stereotyped Heroines, in Contemporary Children's Books in Japan: A Step Forward from Tough Heroines in Comics, 言語文化論究, No. 24, pp. 67-78, 2009.02.
10. Yamambas: Tough Heroines in Children's Books, 2008.
11. The Witch Heroine in Rakudai Majo wa Purinsesu.
12. Gender and Children's Books, 2005.
13. Sonic X and Globalization.
14. Class, Race, and Ethnicity: Jack and the Beanstalk and its Variants, 2004.
15. Princess Furball and Disney's Cinderella, Linguistic Science, 2004.
16. Yamamba as a Heroine in Contemporary Children's Literature in Japan, Studies in Languages and Cultures, 2004.
17. Japanese "Gender-Free"Picture Books Published in 2003, 2003.
18. Gender and Marriage in Babette Cole's Princess Smartypants and Prince Cinders, Studies in Languages and Cultures, 2003.
19. Metamorphosed Heroines in Children's Picture Books in Japan, Studies in Languages and Cultures, 2003.
20. Gender and Sexuality: The Heroine's Adoption of a Male Persona in Barbara Cartland's Tempted to Love, Linguistic Science, 2003.
21. Transvestism in Japanese Manga for Girls, Studies in Languages and Cultures, 2002.
22. Curious George and Its Social Background, Studies in Languages and Cultures, 2000..
23. Gender in Fairy Tales and The Clever Princess, Studies in Languages and Cultures, 2000..