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Kaoru Kashima Last modified date:2021.06.03

Associate Professor / Paleo-environment / Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences / Faculty of Sciences

1. Ara Cho . Daekyo Cheong . Jin Cheul Kim . Dong-Yoon Yang .Jin-Young Lee . Kaoru Kashima . Kota Katsuki , Holocene climate and environmental changes inferred from sediment characteristics and diatom assemblages in a core from Hwajinpo Lagoon, Korea
, Journal of Paleolimnology , 60, 553-570, 2018.06.
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4. 鹿島 薫 , 福本 侑 , サーリネン,ティモ, フィンランドにおける年縞堆積物から産出する珪藻遺骸群集― 人新世環境変動アーカイブとしての年縞湖沼堆積物の活用をめざして―, 環境考古学と富士山, 4, 20-34, 2020.03.
5. Cho, A., K, Kashima, K., Seto., K., Yamada., T., Sato, K., Katsuki, K., Paleoclimate change during the little ice age from the sediment record in Hamana Lake. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science,,, 223, 39-49, 2019.04.
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7. @Ani Setyaningsih, @Siria Biagioni, @Asmadi Saad, Kaoru Kashima, @Supiandi Sabiham, @Hermann Behling,, Response of Mangroves to Late Holocene Sea-Level Change:Palaeoecological Evidence from Sumatra, Indonesia,, Wetlands,, 39, 1103-1118, 2019.10.
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13. 福本侑, 鹿島 薫, G. Ulchiigimeg, The Holocene environmental changes in boreal fenpeatland of northern Mongolia reconstructed from diatom assemblages, Quaternary International , 348, 66-81, 2014.06.
14. Genki I. Matsumoto, Eisuke Honda, Kaoru Kashima, Koji Seto, Holocene paleolimnological changes of Lake Oyako-ike in the Soya Kaigan of East Antarctica, Journal of the International Society of Limnology, 4, 2, 2014.06, We studied Holocene paleolimnological changes as a part of studies of global change in Lake Oyako-ike in the Soya Kaigan of Lützow-Holm Bay region in East Antarctica inferred from organic components and microscopic observation of microalgae and cyanobacteria in a sediment core (Ok4C-01, core length 135 cm), along with sedimentary facies and AMS 14C dating. The Ok4C-01 core was composed mainly of silt and fine sand containing laminae between 135-65.5 cm. This was overlain by cyanobacterial mud between 65.5-0 cm. The mean sedimentation rate and crustal uplift rate were estimated to be 0.69 mm/y and 2.2 mm/y, respectively. The crustal uplift rate of Lake Oyako-ike basin is similar to those of present uplift rates, but are somewhat greater than those estimated in the Lambert Glacier region, East Antarctica. The low biological production with diatom in coastal marine environment (135-74.75 cm, ca.2,170-1,300 cal BP), changes into green sulfur bacteria in stratified saline lake environment (74.75-60.95 cm, ca.1,300-1,100 cal BP), and then high biological production with cyanobacteria and green algae in freshwater environment (60.95-0 cm, ca.1,100-220 cal BP). The ongoing retreat of glaciers and ongoing isostatic uplift during the mid-Holocene Hypsithermal (4,000-2,000 years ago) and thereafter are the main reasons for this isolation, whereas eustatic sea level change is believed to have played only a minor role..
15. Go Areum, Yukiya Tanaka, Kaoru Kashima, Sedimentary environment of Hwajinpo using diatom analysis, Geomorphological Association of Korea, 20, 2, 15-25, 2013.06.
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