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YUBUN SUZUKI Last modified date:2021.04.20

Professor / Linguistic Information / Department of Linguistic Environment / Faculty of Languages and Cultures

1. The Elements Bringing about Good Grades: In the Case of Gyuto-e.
2. What is Good Written Chat?.
3. Education in Astronomy Through English Programs.
4. Web-based Autonomous English Learning -Gyuto-e for English IIB and English IIIB at Kyushu University-.
5. More Efficient Exercise in English Communication -In the Case of Written Online Chat Coupled with Oral Discussion-.
6. University Students' Familiarity with Movies: -With Special Reference to Kurosawa Akira-.
7. Authentication for Distance Learning of English -Finger Vein Authentication-.
8. On Relaxation of Selectional Restriction in Coordinate Structure.
9. Learning British History in English Education.
10. Problems with the Web-based Autonomous Learning in College English Education.
11. On Photos for an Online Multimedia English-Japanese Dictionary.
12. Web-based Autonomous Learning in the English Curriculum of Kyushu University.
13. New English Curriculum of Kyushu University and Introduction of CALL Classes.
14. Errors in English produced in communication through keyboards.
15. "Gratitude" in the Films by SASABE Kiyoshi.
16. Boundedness of Rightward Movement, Focalization, and Phases.
17. Tasks Suitable for Real-Time Written English Communication Classes.
18. 鈴木右文, On Argument-Adjunct Asymmetry of Wh-Extraction out of Wh-Island, 英語英文学論叢, pp1-20, 2004.02.
19. Online Tasks for English Chat Classes.
20. 3D Cyberspace and a Text-bases Chat System in English Education - English Classes on the Basis of Distance Learning -.
21. On the Status of Practice in Real-time English Communication Using Computer Network.
22. Yubun SUZUKI, Against an Afterthought Analysis of Extraposition from NP, 言語科学, No.37、pp1-10, 2002.03.
23. How to Improve a 3-Dimensional Chat System for English Classes.
24. An Attempt of Interactive Distance Education of English Using 3D-IES and Its Problems.
25. Satomi TAKAHASHI, Toshihiro SHIMIZU, Narahiko INOUE, Yubun SUZUKI, Shoichi YAMAUCHI, Laputa Project: The Potential of the 3D Interactive Education System in College English Education, Proceedings of The Fourth Conference on Foreign Language Education and Technology, pp429-435, 2001.07.
26. Applying 3D-IES (3-Dimensional Interactive Education System) to English Education.
27. The Benefit Gained from an Overseas English Summer School - Kyushu University Students in Cambridge University -.
28. On the Non-existence of NP-movement.
29. How to Evaluate Students in English Courses Using 3-Dimensional Interactive Education System.
30. Mika OHTSUKI, Nobuo OHTSUKI, Yubun SUZUKI, Susumu OKANO, Issues for Applying Chatter Bots to Foreign Language Learning in Virtual Reality, * Proceedings of The Fourth IASTED International Conference on Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications, pp374-379, 2000.11.
31. English Classes with the Help of 3-Dimensional Interactive Education System.
32. Digital Video Discs in English Classes.
33. On the Status of don't in the English Imperative Sentence.
34. A Shared English Textbook as Basic Information for English Learners.