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Takahiro Otsu Last modified date:2021.07.02

Professor / Linguistic Information / Department of Linguistic Environment / Faculty of Languages and Cultures

1. Takahiro Otsu, From justification to modulation:
Similarities and differences of after all and datte, Pragmatics & Cognition,, 25, 2, 337-362, 2019.12.
2. Takahiro Otsu, Multifunctionality of After All: A Unitary Account, Journal of Pragmatics,, 134, 102-122, 2018.09, 英語の談話標識after allについてこれまで考えられてきた多義性を関連性理論の手続き的制約の枠組みでの一義的定義を試みた。本論文では、関連性理論において長い間提唱されてきたBlakemoreの定義を修正し、文頭、文中、文末に生じるafter allはすべて
'O P after all Q'という推論スキーマにおいて、「evidence(Q)はpreppies assumption (O)とconclusion (P)の間の矛盾を解決するコンテクストを構築するよう聞き手に指図する手続き的制約を符号化していると結論づけた。また、この一義的定義により、日本語で「結局」と訳される文末のafter allと「だって」と訳される文頭のafter allの手続き的意味が同じであることが説明可能である。.
3. Takahiro Otsu, Context Selection and Relevance, 『言語科学』, 53, 19-28, 2018.03.
4. Takahiro Otsu, In Other Words and I Mean: Reformulation and Metarepresentation, 『英語英文学論叢』, 68, 15-33, 2018.03.
5. Takahiro Otsu, Complex Procedures Encoded by the Combination of Discourse Markers and Fillers, 15th International Pragmatics Conference, 2017.07.
6. Takahiro Otsu, From Justification to Modulation: Procedural Constraint of After All and Datte
, 14th International Pragmatics Conference, 2015.07.
7. Takahiro Otsu, Modulation Marker: A Relevance-theoretic Account of After All and Datte, 6th Intercultural Pragmatics and Communication Conferen, 2014.05.
8. Takahiro Otsu, Modulation as a Procedural Constraint: A Relevance-theoretic Account of After and Datte, 33, 1-18, 2014.03.
9. Takahiro Otsu, Relevance-theoretic Account of Anaphoric Processes: the Application of Metarepresentation and its Implications (University of Vlore, Albania), The Said and the Unsaid: Papers on Language, Literature and Cultural Studies , 182-194, 2011.12.
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13. Takahiro Otsu, Procedural Information of Anaphoric Expressions, Abstracts of 11th International Pragmatics Conference, 299, 2010.07, [URL].
14. Takahiro Otsu, Procedural Information of Anaphoric Expressions: Pronouns, Ellipses and Metarepresentations, Studies in Languages and Cultures, 25, 113-130, 2010.03.
15. The Meaning of 'datte' with a Role of Filling a Cognitive Gap.
16. Takahiro Otsu, A Cognitive Account of Anaphoric Expressions in English, Current Trends in Pragmatics (eds. Piotr Cap and Joanna Nijakowska, Cambridge Scholars Publishing), Chapter 4 (pp.74-92), 2007.08.
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18. Takahiro Otsu, A Metarepresentational Approach to Surface/Deep Anaphora, New Developments in Linguistic Pragmatics, 3rd Lodz Symposium, Abstract, p91, 2006.05.
19. Procedural Meaning and Polysemy of the English Discourse Connective After All.
20. The Predominance of the Usage of 'After All': A Comparison between Letters of Delegates to Congress and the British National Corpus.
21. A Note on Conversational Implicatures: Grice, Levinson, and Relevance Theory.
22. Takahiro Otsu, Semantic Extension of 'After All': Concession and Justification, Abstracts of 9th International Prgmatics Conference (International Pragmatics Association), p.275, 2005.07, [URL].
23. A Relevance-theortic Account of Speech Acts.
24. Takahiro Otsu, A Relevance-Theoretic Account of the English Discourse Connective 'After All', Proceedings of "English Studies in an Era of Globarization", 2004 International Conference in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary (The English Language and Literature Association of Korea), pp.273-274, 2004.06.
25. Background Visual Information and the Comprehension of English Discourse: a Relevance-theoretic Account.
26. Takahiro Otsu, Notes on Outbound Anaphora with respect to Do So and Do It, 言語文化論究, 第6号, pp.53-67, 1996.03.
27. Outbound Anaphora--The Cognitive Aspects Involving in the Reference to Entities.
28. The Use of Japanese and English and the Cultural Awareness in the Contact of Japanese College Students with Different Cultures.
29. The Reality of the Contact with Different Cultures and the Outstanding Contact.
30. Takahiro Otsu, Surface Anaphora/Deep Anaphora and Conversational Inference in English, 言語文化論究, 1997.03.
31. Q/I-implicatures and Relevance.
32. Takahiro Otsu, The Reference-point Properties of English Possessive Genitives, 言語科学, 第33号, 1998.02.
33. A Computer-Assisted Analysis of Deep and Surface Verbphrase Anaphors for Japanese Learners of English.
34. A Study of the Comprehension of English Relative Clause Constructions for Japanese Learners.
35. The Case of Relative Pronouns and the Pattern of Meaning Construction of Relative Clause Constructions for Japanese Learners.
36. English Classes with the Use of a Core Textbook "A Passage to English".
37. Anaphora and Relevance.
38. Conceptual Meanings and Procedural Meanings of Discourse Connectives 'Because' and 'After All': a Relevance-theoretic Analysis.
39. Kyushu University's Educational Reform "From Simplicity to Variety" and its Perspectives.
40. Takahiro Otsu, Surface/Deep Anaphora and Contextual Assumptions, 言語科学, 第38号, 2003.02.
41. Takahiro Otsu, A Unified Account of the English Discourse Connective 'After All', 言語学からの眺望2003(九州大学出版会), pp.173-187, 2003.10.