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Andreas Stefan Kasjan Last modified date:2021.08.10

Professor / Studies in Language Education / Department of Linguistic Environment / Faculty of Languages and Cultures

1. Kasjan, Andreas Stefan, Teaching German as a Second Foreign Language in Japan, International Conference on Applied Linguistics, 2017.11, [URL], At Kyushu University, studying a second foreign language is still compulsory. More than ten years ago I implemented a one-month educational journey to Germany for interested students. In Germany, the students stay with local families and undergo a three-week internship at small enterprises, such as bakeries, plumbers, pipe-layers, catering companies, fish farms, clockmakers, law firms, public institutions (e.g. schools or kindergartens). Most participants are first-year students, having studied German only one year. The preparation for the educational journey starts almost one year prior to the departure for Germany. All students have to undergo a German proficiency test and have to reach the A2-level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages before travelling to Germany. Participating students, host families and workers at the traineeships are strongly advised that English is not desirable for communication. Most of the preparation for the educational journey is done in Japanese, but German is gradually introduced. After my overview, I will reflect on the possibility of acquiring a second foreign language during a limited period of time and general problems of intercultural exchange and language acquisition in the Japanese background..
2. KASJAN ANDREAS STEFAN, Things to be achieved - achievable things, The 4th Annual OLE SIG , 2015.10, 「ドイツ・インターンシップ研修」を紹介し、「国際理解」という概念を討論した。.
3. , [URL].
4. Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.
5. Cell Phones as learning aids for Japanese FL2 Learners.
6. Developing a FLL Device for Cell Phones for Japanese FL2 Learners.
7. Andreas Stefan Kasjan, 「Research Project to develop an “Expression-Module” for Japanese Learner of a second FL: Grand in Aid for Scientific Research B」, 全国語学教育学会(JALT)の第36回年次国際大会, 2010.11.
8. B.
9. Short-term internships in Germany: A new concept of a studying-programm..
10. About the Web-based learning-system "CALL Deutsch"..
11. Web-based teaching device "CALL Deutsch" and its implemention to basic German FLT .
12. About the present situation of FLT at the Faculty for Languages and Cultures of Kyushu-University: With special respect for English and German.
13. FLT and the bilingual method..
14. Verb-valenz in German FLT in Japan..
15. About the integration of phonetics, grammar and semantics in German FLT for Japanese students..
16. The bilingual method in German FLT for Japanese students..
17. Message-orientated communication in FLT..
18. The bilingual method in German I and II..
19. Meaning conveyance, grammar, communication..
20. German FLT and the new curriculum: The praxis of the bilingual method..
21. German FLT under impeded conditions: Grammar as opportunity and risk..