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List of Papers
Andreas Stefan Kasjan Last modified date:2021.08.10

Professor / Studies in Language Education / Department of Linguistic Environment / Faculty of Languages and Cultures

1. Implementing "CALL Deutsch" into German FLT.
2. The bilingual Method in German FLT for Japanese Students.
3. The bilingual Methode in the acadmic year 2002/03.
4. Multilanguage acqusition and multilanguage usage: The bilingual language acqusition by children and the bilingual teaching methode.
5. Problems concerning the use of Kana for representing /r/ and /l/ in German-Japanese dictionaries: Reflections based on an examination of the audio-discrimination of /r/ and /l/ by Japanese-German bilingual children..
6. Kasjan, Andreas, Message/Medium-orientated communication in the German FL-class for Japanese students., 言語科学, 37号, 49-55ページ, 2002.03.
7. Reflections on verb-valenz and its significance for German FLT in Japan..
8. The oral mother tongue functional equivalent: A new approach of meaning conveyance..
9. Grammar in German FLT for Japanese students: About the integration of grammar and vocabulary input..
10. German FLT under impeded conditions: Grammar as risk and opportunity..
11. The bilingual method during the introductory period of German FLT for Japanese students..
12. FL-knowledge as a yardstick for the degree of internationlisation? Reflections on the possibility of intercultural learning in German FLT..
13. The bilingual method in German FLT for Japanese students: I. The introduction of textual work..
14. The bilingual method in German FLT for Japanese students: I. The introduction of pronunciation and expressions for classroom-management..
15. Stopgap or positive learning aid? Reflections on the debate about the role of the mother tongue for meaning conveyance in FLT..
16. Language, race and culture: Reflections on the mystification of the phenomenon language in Germany and Japan..
17. L2-acqusition and FLT..
18. Opportunities and problems of bilingual upbringing in Germany and Japan..
19. The examination of L1-acquisition and its significance for FL-acquisition..