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List of Presentations
Eriko Jotaki Last modified date:2020.06.30

Professor / Office for the Promotion of Gender Equality

1. Saki Liu,  Eriko Jotaki, Kaoru Tamada, Gender Analysis: Evidence-Based Examination of Research Activity in Kyushu University, World Social Science Forum 2018, 2018.09.
2. Eriko Jotaki, Empowerment of Female Researchers in JAPAN - Effects of Positive Action Using Quotas for Women in Kyushu University -, France-Japan Joint Forum Innovation and the challenges of the world in transition , 2015.06.
3. Eriko Jotaki, Positive Action Using Quotas for Women in Kyushu University, Japan, The 12th Asia Pacific Physics Conference , 2013.07.
4. Study of drying up and sterilization of sludge.
5. Development of drying up and sterilization of sludge..
6. Measurement of thermal input to plasma to facing components with the increment of temperature of cooling water on TRIAM-1M.
7. Analysis on Nuetral Partcle Behaviour using DEGAS Code in TRIAM-1M.
8. Current Ramp Up Experiments Using ECRW on TRIAM-1M.
9. Particle Behavior in Ultra-Long Discharges on TRIAM-1M.
10. Spectroscopic Measurement of Impurity Ions in TRIAM-1M.
11. Estimation of Neural Network Performance Anomalous Signal in TRIAM-1M Plasma Position Identification.
12. Measurement of Heat Load on the Plasma Facing Material on TRIAM-1M.
13. Performance Improvement of Plasma Position Prediction by Neural Network on TRIAM-1M.
14. New adjustment method to drift on Integrators during steady state tokamak operation.
15. Effective decision method of input power for Newral Network system on TRIAM-1M.
16. Control System using Newral Network for TRIAM-1M Single null X Point Configuration.