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Ken Yamaura Last modified date:2024.04.03

Professor / Surgery / Department of Clinical Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Kazuhiro Shirozu, Keiko Nobukuni, Kouta Funakoshi, Taizo Nakamura, Makoto Sumie, Midoriko Higashi, Ken Yamaura, The effect of remimazolam on postoperative memory retention and delayed regeneration in breast surgery patients: Rationale and design of an exploratory, randomized, open, propofol-controlled, single-center clinical trial: A study protocol., Medicine, 10.1097/MD.0000000000027808, Vol.100, No.48, p.e27808, 2021.12, BACKGROUND: Remimazolam, a benzodiazepine ultra-short-acting sedative, has been used in general anesthesia since August 2020. It is used in awake surgeries that require awakening the patient in the middle of the surgery because of its rapid awakening effect as well as antagonistic interactions. If remimazolam has associated anterograde amnesia similar to benzodiazepines, it will have a positive effect on preventing psychological trauma. However, to our knowledge, the effect of remimazolam on anterograde amnesia has not been previously examined. METHODS/DESIGN: The aim of this exploratory, open, propofol-controlled, single-center, randomized clinical trial is to examine the effect of remimazolam on postoperative memory retention and delayed regeneration. Seventy patients undergoing breast surgery will be included in the study. The patients will be randomly assigned to receive propofol or remimazolam as sedatives during surgery. The primary endpoint is the number of posters patients remember 24 hours after surgery (among 4 posters shown after awakening from anesthesia) as an assessment of anterograde amnesia. Secondary endpoints are retrograde amnesia, dose of analgesic given from the time the patient returns to the ward until 24 hours after surgery, immediate postoperative pain numerical rating scale scores, and pain numerical rating scale scores 24 hours after leaving the operating room. Recruitment will take place between October 2021 and March 2022 to achieve the target sample size. DISCUSSION: To our knowledge, this is the first trial designed to examine the effects of remimazolam on postoperative memory retention and delayed regeneration in patients undergoing breast surgery. TRIAL REGISTRATION: This clinical trial was registered at the University Hospital Medical Information Network (UMIN) Center on September 28, 2021 (UMIN-CTR: UMIN000045593)..
2. Adverse events in pain treatment in 2015 and 2016: a report on adverse events from the Committee on Safety of the Japan Society of Pain Clinicians.
3. Preoperative hemostasis and coagulation test.
4. Cardiac Function and Perioperative Management.
5. Concept of Patient Blood Management.
6. 私の臨床教育法.
7. 私の臨床教育法「麻酔は麻酔計画が8割、技術1割、残りは神様が決めること」.
8. 麻酔薬(薬物)のキラリティー(光学活性)をきちんと理解しようーケタミンのキラリティーを通して.
9. 印象記:第38回日本循環制御医学会・学術集会.
10. 周術期の感染症--ペインクリニックの感染症--.
11. Anesthesiology 2016 Annual Meeting.
12. 循環機能の術前評価.
13. 日本麻酔科学会第62回学術集会を語る.
14. 地球温暖化と感染防止.
15. 周術期の線溶系の変化と抗線溶療法.
16. Kai T, Higashi M, Sasano K, Shiraishi K, Yamaura K, Hoka S, Arterila line syringes are rarely responsible for infection, 日本手術医学会誌, Vol.35, No.4, pp.325-329, 2014.11.
17. 医療ガスの処理.
18. 地球環境と麻酔ガス~エコロジカル麻酔ガスクリーン化システム~.
19. Mizuko Ikeda, Rika Esaki, Noriko Nanishi, Kozaburo Akiyoshi, Ken Yamaura, Risk factors for massive hemorrhage during cesarean section in patients with placenta previa, BRITISH JOURNAL OF ANAESTHESIA, Vol.108, pp.204-205, 2012.03.