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List of Papers
Takashi Nakagawa Last modified date:2020.08.04

Professor / Department of Clinical Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Murakami T, Shiraishi K, Nakagawa T, Classification of noise and environmental stimuli by the auditory impression of cochlear implant users, Med Bull Fukuoka Univ, 2016.03.
2. Nakagawa T, Yamashita M, Hisashi K, Usami S, Kakazu Y, Shibata S, Nakashima T, Koike K, Kubo K, Komune S., GABA-induced response in spiral ganglion cells acutely isolated from guinea pig cochlea., Neuroscience Research, in press.
3. Nakagawa T, Matsubara A, Shiratsuchi H, Kakazu Y, Nakashima T, Koike K, Umezaki T, Komune S., Intractable otitis media with eosinophil: importance of diagnosis and validity of treatment for hearing preservation., ORL, in press.
4. Nakagawa T, Kumamoto Y, Natori Y, Shiratsuchi H, Toh S, Kakazu Y, Shibata S, Nakashima T, Komune S., Squamous cell carcinoma of the external auditory canal and middle ear: an importance of free surgical margin., Otology and Neurotology, in press.