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List of Papers
Yoshito Yoshimine Last modified date:2019.12.23

Associate Professor / Division of Oral Rehabilitation / Department of Dental Science / Faculty of Dental Science

1. Tomoko Kihara, Himeka Matsumoto, Yoshito Yoshimine, Evaluation of the Efficacy of Er:YAG Laser–Activated Irrigation in a Simulated Accessory Canal, Journal of Dental Lasers, 13, 34-38, 2019.11.
2. Tomoko Kihara, Himeka Matsumoto, Yoshito Yoshimine, Fluid Flow Analysis of Laser-activated Irrigation in the Simulated Root Canal, Journal of Dental Lasers, 13, 39-43, 2019.11.
3. Yoshito Yoshimine, Hiroshi Nakanishi, Cathepsin D deficiency induces oxidative damage in brain pericytes and impairs the blood-brain barrier, Mol Cell Neurosci, 64, 51-60, 2015.05.
4. Matsumoto H, Yoshimine Y, Akamine A, Visualization of Irrigant Flow and Cavitation Induced by Er:YAG Laser within a Root Canal Model, Journal of Endodontics, 37, 6, 839~843, 2011.06.
5. Root Canal Treatment Using Er:YAG Laser Under Endoscopic Observation.
6. Fluid Flow Analysis of the Efficiency of Root Canal Irrigation Using the Syringe Technique.
7. Application of the Intracanal Endoscope Combined with an Er:YAG Laser to Endodontic Treatments: A Report of Two Cases.
8. The Effects of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) on Human Periodontal Ligament Cells.
9. Removal of smear layer using Er:YAG laser with a cone-shaped tip.
10. SEM images of root canal dentin irrigated with EDTA and NaOCl -Comparison with ultrasonic irrigation-.
11. Yoshimine Y, Ono M, Akamine A , In vitro comparison of the biocompatibility of mineral trioxide aggregate, 4META/MMA-TBB resin, and intermediate restorative material as root-end-filling materials, Journal of Endodontics, 33(9): 1066-9, 2007.09.
12. An epidemiologic examination of the prevalence of the periodontal diseases and oral pigmentation un Yusho patients in 2006.
13. Y. Yoshimine, M. Ono, A. Akamine, The shaping effects of three nickel-titanium rotary instruments in simulated S-shaped canals, Journal of Endodontics, 10.1097/01.don.0000140568.40462.43, 31, 5, 373-375, 31: 373-375, 2005.05.
14. Wada N, Maeda H, Yoshimine Y, Akamine A, Lipopolysaccharide stimulates osteoprotegerin and receptor activator of NF-kappa B ligand in periodontal ligament fibroblasts through the induction of IL-1 beta and TNF-alpha., Bone, 10.1016/j.bone.2004.04.023, 35, 3, 629-635, 35(3): 629-635, 2004.03.
15. T. Ogasawara, Y. Yoshimine, T. Kiyoshima, I. Kobayashi, K. Matsuo, A. Akamine, H. Sakai, In situ expression of RANKL, RANK, OPG and cytokines in osteoclasts of rat periodontal tissue, Journal of Periodontal Research, 10.1111/j.1600-0765.2004.00699.x, 39, 1, 42-49, 39:42-49, 2004.01.
16. Y. Yoshimine, M. Yamamoto, T. Ogasawara, Y. Koishi, K. Tanabe, I. Hashiguchi, A. Akamine, In vitro evaluation of the cytocompatibility of a glass-ionomer cement sealer, Journal of Endodontics, 10.1097/00004770-200307000-00007, 29, 7, 453-455, 29: 453-455, 2003.01.
17. T. Ogasawara, Y. Yoshimine, M. Yamamoto, A. Akamine, Biocompatibility of an experimental glass-ionomer cement sealer in rat mandibular bone, Oral Surgery Oral Medicine Oral Pathology Oral Radiology and Endodontics, 10.1016/S1079-2104(03)00060-X, 96, 4, 458-465, 96: 458-465, 2003.01.
18. I. Hshiguchi, T. Yamaza, T. Nakano, Y. Yoshimine, H. Nakamuta, A. Akamine, Histological examination of the biocompatibility of Calcipex, a new calcium hydroxide-containing intracanal dressing, after filling bony defects, Dentistry in Japan, 37: 51-55, 2001.01.