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Ryoichi Imai Last modified date:2020.06.17

Associate Professor / The International Student Center

1. Ryoichi Imai, Tax Wedge and Job Distribution with Directed Search, Search and Matching Theory Workshop 2018 Fukuoka Japan, 2018.03, [URL], In a model with two types (good and bad) of jobs and directed search, the effect of taxation is explored. If both the sectors are taxed at an uniform rate, the policy is irrelevant for the distribution of good jobs and bad jobs, or the welfare distribution between workers and firms. If the bad sector is taxed at a lower pyaroll tax rate, and the payroll tax is gradually replaced by the income tax in the good sector, .
2. Ryoichi Imai, Resale with multiple inventory, Singapore Search and Matching Workshop, 2014.05, [URL], I present a model of the resale market in which middlemen hold multiple
inventory. In the economy, there are a new good market and a resale market.
Trades in the resale market is mediated by middlemen. There are two sides
of the resale market. In the buy side, trades are frictionless in the sense that
consumers can imediately sell their used goods to middlemen, which is the
gain to use the resale market. In the sell side, however, trades are frictional
in the sense that meddlemen match demand to supply between buyers and
sellers. I show that resale provides liquidity to the economy, and improves
the welfere of consumers as well as the prots of the new good supplier..
3. Middlemen and Resale, [URL].
4. A Search Model of the Resale Market, [URL].
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7. A Search Model of the Resale Market.
8. A Search Model of the Resale Market.
9. Fiscal Policies in a Competitive Search Model.
10. A Search Model of the Lost Generation, [URL].
11. Payroll Tax Reform and Job Distribution, [URL].
12. Debt Overhang and Job Destruction .