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Masami Maruyama Last modified date:2021.06.23

Lecturer / Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences(統合看護基礎Ⅰ) / Department of Health Sciences / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Analyses of Private Papers written by Women who Underwent Sterilization Treatment.
2. A Research on the Possibility of Informed Consent in Nursing Care
- A Case of the Student Nurses under Bsdside Training at the Pediatric Ward in the Hospital-.
3. Nursing Ethics Education in Clinical Teaching of Nursing.
4. A Hope of 21 Century toward Nursing Ethics Education
- Intensive Bioethics Course in Georgetown University -.
5.  Analyses of Pravate Papers Written by Women Who Underwent Sterilization treatment
- Content Analysis in Women Who Underwent Sterilization -.
6. A Comparative Study about Views on Life and Death in Terms of Truth-Telling.
7. Bioethics of Community Medicine.
8. A Historical Approach to the Ethos of Education in Nursing
- A Biographical and Personality - Analysis Approach -.
9. 丸山マサ美, Japanese Style of Informed Consent on The Bases of Defense Mechanism of Denial
Comparing Germans, MEMORIRS OF KYUSHU UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES, Vol.29,pp.55-60., 2002.11.
10. Analysis of Private Papers Written by Women Who Underwent Sterilization Treatment - The Principle of Vulnerability and Narrative -.
11. Masami Maruyama, Study on Speciality of Medical Staff in Clinical Practice
- From Scenes That Students Remembered after Clinical Practice -, 九州大学医学部保健学科紀要, No.1,pp.83-87., 2003.03.
12. A study on the position of Nursing Ethics in clinical Nursing Practice
-Analysis of Structure of Human Needs of Students in Clinical Nursing Practice-.
13. A Doctor's Narrative about Terminal Care for Children.