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Yoshihiro Mizoguchi Last modified date:2021.06.17

Professor / Division of Applied Mathematics / Institute of Mathematics for Industry

1. Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, Relational T-algebra and the category of topological spaces, Workshop on logic algebra and category theory: LAC2018, 2018.02, [URL].
2. Mohammad Deni Akbar, Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, Formal equivalence classes model of fuzzy relational databases using relational calculus, 1st International Conference on Applied Computer and Communication Technologies, ComCom 2017, 2017.12, [URL].
3. Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, Hisaharu Tanaka, Shuichi Inokuchi, Formalization of proofs using relational calculus, 3rd International Symposium on Information Theory and Its Applications, ISITA 2016, 2017.02, [URL].
4. Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, Hiroyuki Ochiai, Symbolic Computations in Conformal Geometric Algebra for Three Dimensional Origami Folds, PNU Math Forum 2016, 2016.12.
5. Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, A Coq Library for the Theory of Realational Calculus, Workshop on Formalization of Applied Mathematical Systems, 2016.09, [URL].
6. Mohammad Deni Akbar, Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, Fuzzy Functional and Implication Dependency using Relational Calculus, The Asian Mathematical Conference (AMC2016), 2016.07, [URL].
7. Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, Hiroyuki Ochiai, Symbolic Computations in Conformal Geometric Algebra for Three Dimensional Origami Folds, First International Workshop on Computational Origami and Applications, 2016.07, [URL].
8. Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, Theory of Relational Calculus and its formalization, Universal Structures in Mathematics and Computing, 2016.06, [URL].
9. Alexandre Derouet-Jourdan, Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, Marc Salvati, Wang Tiles Modeling of Wall Patterns , MEIS2015 : Mathematical Progress in Expressive Image Synthesis, 2015.09, [URL].
10. Mohamad Deni Akbar, Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, Relational Database Model Using Relational Calculus, 7th International Conference on Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems, 2014.12, [URL].
11. Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, Formal Proofs for Automata and Sticker Systems, Proc. of 1st International Workshop on Computing and Networking (CANDAR), 1st International Workshop on Computing and Networking, 2013.12, We implemented operations appeared in the theory of automata using the Coq proof-assistant. A language which contains infinite elements is defined using ssreflect (a Small Scale Reflection Extension for the Coq system). We also implemented the modules for sticker systems. Paun and Rozenberg introduced a concrete method to transform an automaton to a sticker system in 1998. One of our aims is to present formal proofs of the correctness of their transformation. We modified some of their definitions to improve their insufficient results. We note that all of our formulation are written in Coq and we show some examples of machine-checkable proofs..
12. Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, Mathematical Aspects of Interpolation Technique for Computer Graphics, PNU Mathematics Seminar, 2013.04.
13. Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, Graph partitioning and eigen polynomials of Laplacian matrices of Roach-type graphs, Algebraic Graph Theory, Spectral Graph Theory and Related Topics, 2013.01.
14. Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, Mathematical Aspect of Interpolation Technique for Computer Graphics, Forum "Math-for-Industry" 2012 Information Recovery and Discovery, 2012.10, [URL], In this talk, we introduce a simple mathematical framework for 2D
shape interpolation methods that preserve rigidity.
An interpolation technique in this framework works for given initial
and target 2D shapes, which are compatibly triangulated.
Focusing on the local affine maps between the corresponding triangles,
we describe a global transformation as a piecewise affine map.
Several existing rigid shape interpolation techniques are
mathematically analyzed through this framework.
Geometric transformations are fundamental concept of computer
graphics and most commonly represented as square matrices.
A general framework of linear combination of transformations
was introduced in [Alexa2002].
We also introduce the Laplacian matrix of a graph
and show some crucial properties
about eigenvalues and eigenvectors in
connection with image segmentations in [Shi2000] and
group formations in [Takahashi2009].
15. Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, Generalization of Compositions of Cellular Automata on Groups, Workshop on Algebraic Combinatorics, Sept. 2011,, 2011.09, [URL], We introduce the notion of 'Composition', 'Union' and 'Division' of cellular automata on groups.
We extend the notion to general cellular automata on groups and investigated their properties.
We also show our formulation contains the representation
using formal power series for linear cellular automata in Manzini (1998)..
16. Laplacian energy of directed graphs.
17. Composition, union and division of cellular automata on groups, [URL].
18. Finding Clusters in Directed Network Graphs using Spectral Clustering Methods.
19. Joint Conference of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Kyushu.
20. Joint Conference of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Kyushu