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Hiroshi Isoda Last modified date:2023.12.25

Professor / Agricultural and Resource Economics / Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Failure of Neoliberalist Food Security and Paradim Transition: From World Agricultrue to National Agriculture Trajectory.
2. Girma Gezimu Gebre, Hiroshi Isoda, Yuichiro Amekawa, Dil Bahadur Rahut, Hisako Nomura, Takaaki Watanabe, Gender‑based Decision Making in Marketing Channel Choice – Evidence of Maize Supply Chains in Southern Ethiopia, Human Ecology,, 1-9, 2021.09.
3. Girma Gezimu Gebre, Hiroshi Isoda, Yuichiro Amekawa, Dil Bahadur Rahut, Hisako Nomura, Takaaki Watanabe , What Explains Gender Gaps in Household Food Security? Evidence from Maize Farm Households in Southern Ethiopia, Social Indicators Research, 10.1007/s11205-020-02600-8, 2021.04.
4. Girma Gezimu Gebre, Hiroshi Isoda, Yuichiro Amekawa, Dil Bahadur Rahut, Hisako Nomura, Takaaki Watanabe, Marketing Efficiency among Gender-Based Decision-Making Farm Households in Southern Ethiopia, Journal of International Food & Agribusiness Marketing, 10.1080/08974438.2021.1911906, 1-26, 2021.04.
5. Luu Van Duy, Yuichiro Amekawa, Hiroshi Isoda, Hisako Nomura, and Takaaki Watanabe, Are socialist domestic land grabs egalitarian? Insights from a case involving a rubber plantation in Dien Bien Province, Vietnam, GeoForum, 114, 89-106, 2020.08.
6. Girma Gezimu Gebre, Hiroshi Isoda, Dil Bahadur Rahut, Yuichiro Amekawa, Hisako Nomura, Gender Gaps in Market Participation Among Individual and Joint Decision-Making Farm Households: Evidence from Southern Ethiopia, The European Journal of Development Research, Online July 7th, 2020, 1-35, 2020.07.
7. Girma Gezimu Gebre, Hiroshi Isoda, Dil Bahadur Rahut, Yuichiro Amekawa, Hisako Nomura, Gender differences in agricultural productivity: evidence from maize farm households in southern Ethiopia, GeoJournal, 1-22, Online ISSN 1572-9893, 2019.11.
8. Grima Gezimu Gebre, Hrisohi Isoda, Dil Bahadur Rahuf, Yuichiro Amekawa, Hisako Nomura, Gender differences in the adoption of agricultural technology: The case of improved maize varieties in southern Ethiopia, Wemen's Studies International Forum, 76, 1-11, 2019.09.
9. Positions and Characters of the Agricultural Policy Response in the Globalization and Mega-FTA/EPA Transition in the Selected Countries.
10. Sereynithia Hun, Shoichi Ito, Hiroshi Isoda, and Yuichiro Amekawa, Impacts of Agricultural Cooperatives on Farmers’ Revenues in Cambodia: A Case Study of Tram Kak District, Takeo Province, Journal of Agricultural Science, 10.5539/jas.v10n2p82, 10, 2, 82-88, 2018.01.
11. Le, Huong, Hisamitsu Saito, Hiroshi Isoda, Shoichi Ito, Mitsuyasu Yabe, Loan Utilization and Household Food Security in Rural Vietnam, Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development, 6, 33-43, 2017.06.
12. Sereynithia Hun, Hiroshi Isoda, Yuichiro Amekawa, Shoichi Ito,, Factors Influencing Members’ Perceptions of Success in Agricultural Cooperatives in Cambodia: A Case Study in Tram Kak District, Takeo Province, Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, 8, 6, 1-6, 2017.04.
13. Najibullah Hassanzoy, 伊東 正一, Hiroshi Isoda, 雨河 祐一郎, The Effects of Swings in Global Wheat Prices in the Domestic Markets in Afghanistan, International Journal of Food and Agricultural Economics, 4, 4, 45-58, 2016.10.
14. Shuqin Yan, Hiroshi Kameyama, Hiroshi Isoda, Jiarong Qian, Shoichi Ito, Effects of International Grain Prices on Volatility of Domestic Grain Prices in 24 Developing Countries, JOURNAL OF THE FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE KYUSHU UNIVERSITY, 61, 1, 225-232, 2016.02, This paper discusses transmission relationships of price volatility relationships between the international and domestic prices of three grains in 24 developing countries during 2005 to 2013, using a modified Generalized Auto Regressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (GARCH) models. Findings indicate that the international price of rice exerts significant negative effects on the volatility of domestic rice prices in Burundi and Tunisia, and significant positive effects in Chad and Sri Lanka; in addition, international wheat prices have significant negative effects on the volatility of domestic wheat prices in Brazil and Mauritania; further, international prices for maize exert significant effects on the volatility of domestic maize prices in the Dominican Republic, Niger and the Philippines. Volatility in international rice price has significant positive impact on the volatility of rice prices in Nicaragua, however, it has a significant negative affect in Cape Verde; the volatility of international wheat price has significant positive influence in Georgia and Mauritania..
15. Shuqin Yan, Shoichi Ito,, Hiroshi Isoda, Study on the Contemporary Relationship between International and Domestic Grain Policies in Developing Countries: Focusing on Long Run and Short Run, Japanese Journal of Agricultural Economics, 17, 64-69, 2015.03.
16. THINH T. NGUYEN, Hisamitsu Saito, Hiroshi Isoda, Shoichi Ito,, Balancing Skilled with Unskilled Migration in an Urbanizing Agricultural Economy, World Development, 66, 457-467, 2014.09.
17. CAO Zhengwei, 伊東 正一, Hiroshi Isoda, 齋藤久光, A Study on Price Fluctuation in Chinese Grain Markets : Based on ARCH-type models, 農業市場研究, 22, 4, 69-76, 2014.03.
18. Quinhuo GAO, 伊東 正一, 磯田 宏, A Study on the Impacts of Japan's Positive List System on China's Vegetable Exports, 農業経営研究, 51, 3, 61-66, 2013.12.
19. Qian, Jiarong, Shoichi Ito, Yueying Mu, Hisamitsu Saito, Hiroshi Isoda, High Meat Price and Increasing Grain Consumption in China, Japanese Journal of Farm Management, 10.11300/fmsj.51.3_67, 51, 67-72, 2013.12.
20. Zhengwei, Cao, 伊東 正一, 磯田 宏, Grain Price Transmission from International Markets to Chinese Domestic Markets, Journal of Faculty of Agriculture Kyushu University, 58, 2, 499-507, 2013.09.
21. Jiaron QIAN, 伊東 正一, 磯田 宏, Effects of Grain Price Support Policy in China: A Grey Relational Analysis, Journal of Faculty of Agriculture Kyushu University, 58, 2, 485-491, 2013.09.
22. Ning-Ning Sun, 伊東 正一, 磯田 宏, Study on Grain Direct Subsidies in China, 農業経営研究, 50, 2, 106-111, 2012.09.
23. Zhengwei Cao, 伊東 正一, 磯田 宏, Evaluation of Grain Price Stabilization Policies in China, 農業経営研究, 50, 1, 124-129, 2012.06.
24. Jiarong QIAN, 伊東 正一, 磯田 宏, Yield Response to Price and High-Quality Seed Subsidy Policies in China, 農業経営研究, 50, 1, 118-123, 2012.06.
25. 銭加栄, 伊東 正一, Hiroshi Isoda, Effect of Formula Fertilization Technology Subsidy Policy on Rice Production in China: A Case of Xinyang City, 農林業問題研究, 48, 1, 31-34, 2012.06.
26. Qianhui Gao, 伊東 正一, 磯田 宏, A Study on Dynamic Impacts of Chinese Exachange Rate on China's Vegetable Exports, 日本農業経済学会論文集, 345-351, 2012.03.
27. Supply-Demmand and Prices of Rice and Paddy farming Strucutre under Policy Transition.
28. Nguyen Duc Kien, Shoichi Ito, Hiroshi Isoda, Hisamitsu Saito, Local Impacts of the 2007/2008 Food Price Crisis: Evidence from Rice Market Integration in Vietnum, Journal of Rural EconomicsSpecial Issues 2011, 330-337, 2011.12.
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31. Development of Rice and Paddy Farming Policies and Production Structure-The Rice Policy Reform to the Program for Direct Payment of Income Support-.
32. Chandaworn Bounnad, 伊東 正一, 磯田 宏, Impacts of Change in Rice Prices on Household Incomes of Rice Farmers, 農業経営研究, 48, 2, 149-154, 2010.09.
33. Nguyen Hung Cuong, Shoichi Ito,, Hiroshi Isoda, Characteristics of International Grain Price Movements under the High Oil Prices, Japanese Journal of Farm Management, 48, 2, 143-148, 2010.09.
34. M. Aminul Islam Akanda, Hiroshi Isoda, Shoichi Ito, Problem of Sharecrop Tenancy System in Rice Farming in Bangladesh, Journal of International Farm Management, 2008.02.
35. M. Aminul Islam Akanda, Hiroshi Isoda, Expansion of Commercial Vegetable Farming in Bangladesh, 2006年度日本農業経済学会論文集, 308-315ページ, 2006.12.
36. M. Animul Islam Akanda, Hiroshi Isoda, Process of Take-off in Rice Farming of Bangladesh, 農業経済論集, 第57巻第1号,99-110ページ, 2006.06.
37. Hiroshi Isoda, "A Critical Evaluation of the New Policies and their Effects on Paddy-field Farming," Reveiw of Agricutural Economics 57(1) (2006), 1-15..
38. Akanda M. Aminul Islam, Isoda Hiroshi, Process of Take-off in Rice Farming of Bangladesh, 農業経済論集, 57, 1, 99-110, 2006.06, 水稲は、バングラディシュの穀物生産の94%を占める主要穀物である。1970年代半ばから、HYVボロ・ライスの灌漑生産の拡大により、その生産量は急増した。1987年から95年にかけて、米の生産量は人口成長率1.42%を超える1.65%の成長率をみせ、1980年代末にマルサスの罠を克服している。また、1991年から93年にかけて米の実質的な輸入がなかったため、90年代初めに米の自給率はほぼ100%となり、さらに99-2000年には穀物自給率100%が達成された。この稲作生産の発展を扱った研究において、農村段階に踏み込んだものは少ない。そこで本稿では、バングラディシュの具体的農村における稲作の発展過程を考察し、農村と地権者諸階層において、過程とその要因を明らかにすることを課題とした。アリナパラ村の生産者は、1981年にHYVボロ・ライスの作付けを開始した。それによる水稲生産量の増大は穀物不足を克服するに留まらず、販売のための余剰をももたらした。この地域は、浅管井戸式灌漑の普及とHYVボロ・ライスの作付拡大によって発展をみたのである。中・大規模地主は、自己資金や政府からの借入資金により、早くに浅管井戸に対応した。そして、浅管井戸所有者と非所有者、あるいは浅管井戸所有者間の水をめぐる取引も行われている。また、限られた少数の大規模地主しか、政府の普及サービスを利用できなかったものの、HYV種に適応していない生産者は、適応者からHYV種子や助言を得ている。小規模地主は、1990年代初めから、浅管井戸の設置が可能となった。この灌漑設備が、全ての生産者で可能になったのは1990年後半からである。なぜなら、浅管井戸の低コスト化が急速に進んだからである。.
39. M. Aminul Islam Akanda, Hiroshi Isoda, Expansion of distant marketing of vegetables in Bangladesh - A case study on Losmanpur village in Sherpur district, JOURNAL OF THE FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE KYUSHU UNIVERSITY, 51, 2, 441-448, 2006.02, The distant marketing of vegetables has been developed in many places of the country because of the price differences among the regions. This research aims to explore the expansion process of the distant marketing developed at a village in Bangladesh. The historical data collected through a field Survey at Losmanpur village in Sherpur district is used for this study. The expansion of distant marketing is divided into 3 stages: the launching of distant marketing stage during 1983 and 1985, the adaptive distant marketing stage during 1986 and 1993 and the extensive distant marketing stage since 1994 thereafter. The market at the initial stage was limited to only one season in one market of Dhaka city that has been expanded for whole the year to many other markets of other cities, too.
This research has identified the factors influencing for the expansion of the distant marketing. The vegetable business requires less capital because the traders collect vegetables mostly on credit from the farms. The success factor of the credit-sale is the trust between the farmers and traders. The development of rice millings in Sherpur district has an indirect effect on the expansion of vegetable marketing because the vegetable has been carried as the extra load of rice trucks. The price information was available from the traders or truck drivers coming back to the locality. The expansion of telephone since the early 1990's and the mobile phone since the late 1990's has facilitated for receiving the update market price. The relation among the traders was friendly at the early stage of marketing and subsequently become collusive and competitive for increasing the number of traders. The farmers of the study village have expanded vegetable farming from 66 ha to 194 ha during 1996 and 2004 because of the gradual increase of demand..
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