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Masaharu Nakagawa Last modified date:2022.05.19

Associate Professor / Department of Biomaterials, Faculty of Dental Science / Department of Dental Science / Faculty of Dental Science

1. Problem of Corrosion with Fluoride of the Titanium Implants: Precommendation from Basic Research.
2. Problems of titanium in oral environment.
3. Corrosion resistance in physiological environment.
4. Masaharu Nakagawa, Corrosion of Titanium and Titanium Alloys for Biomaterials in a Fluoride Containing Environment, Corrosion Engineering, 53,p129-138, 2004.01.
5. Corrosion of the titanium and titanium alloys for biomaterials under fluoride containing environment.
6. Development of high corrosion resistance titanium alloy and corrosion behavior of titanium under fluoride containing environment.
7. Turnish of the dental alloys by Pobidon-iodine solution.
8. The latest study on the corrosion of titanium and titanium alloys for biomaterials.