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Toshiya Tanaka Last modified date:2021.07.29

Professor / Department of Linguistic Environment / Department of Linguistic Environment / Faculty of Languages and Cultures

1. Toshiya Tanaka, A Morphological Conflation Approach to the Historical Development of Preterite-Present Verbs: Old English, Proto-Germanic, and Proto-Indo-European, 花書院(福岡), xiii + 320 pages, 2011.03, [URL], 古英語および古ゲルマン語に見られる「過去現在動詞(preterite-present verbs)」の(直説法現在形に見られる)形態的特徴について、比較言語学理論の立場から分析したもの。.
2. Toshiya Tanaka, The Genesis of Preterite-Present Verbs: the Proto-Indo-European Stative-Intransitive System and Morphological Conflation, 九州大学大学院言語文化研究院, 言語文化叢書(Languages and Cultures Series)XIX, x + 246 pages, 2009.03.