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Ihara Hisayasu Last modified date:2022.04.06

Professor / Createve Design / Department of Media Design / Faculty of Design

1. Hisayasu Ihara, Environmental Control and Information Design: Development of the Flow Concept by Knud Lönberg-Holm in collaboration with Ladislav Sutnar, ACDHT: Asian Conference of Design History and Theory, 2019.08, [URL].
2. Rachapoom Punsongserm, Shoji Sunaga, Hisayasu Ihara, Effectiveness of the homologous Thai letterforms on visibility under a simulated condition of low visual acuity, 11th International conference typography day 2018, 2018.03.
3. On Catalog design by K. Lönberg-Holm and L. Sutnar: Development of the flow concept.
4. Atlas as Visual Text: Erwin Raisz’s “Atlas of the Global Geography”, 1944.
5. The purpose of this study is to consider the work of Richard Edes Harrison, known as the most active cartographer during the Second World War in America. Although Harrison’s map has been studied mainly in the field of geography, cartography, and politics focussing on some political function of his azimuthal equidistant projection maps in the Air-Age, his map perse contains more unique design features comparable to advertising’s as a sort of “journalistic cartography”. In this article, while outlining his career as a designer and his main work for the Fortune magazine between 1935 and 1940, some characteristics in his work are examined from three aspects: scientific accuracy, artistic representational style, and narrativity..
6. Isotype Picture Books introduced in Japan and the introducer, Goro Yoshida.
7. Methods for creating robot anime characters: a case study on protagonistic character.
8. Movement for the Standardization of Graphic Symbols after ISOTYPE: with the special reference to the "Symbol Project"
undertaken by Rudolf Modley, Marie Neurath, and Henry Dreyfuss.
9. The design of page sequences in science picture book.
10. The Visual Design of Science Picture Books.
11. Rigor and Relevance in the International Picture Language: Rudolf Modley’s Criticism against Otto Neurath and his Activity in
the Context of the Rise of the “Americanization of Neurath Method”.
12. A Visualization of the U.S. in the Great Depression: ISOTYPE Movement in the U.S. in the 1930s.
13. The Activity of "Die Brücke" and Graphic Design .
14. Hisayasu Ihara :Otto Neurath's Atlas "Society and Economy": Design, contents, and context.
15. Hisayasu Ihara, An Origin of the Standardization of Paper Format: On Karl Buehrer's Activity Before Establishing "Die Bruecke".
16. Ryu Hyun Guk, Ihara Hisayasu, Genda Etsuo, "The Historical Development of Han-guel Typeface Design for Computer-Use in the Context of the Han-guel Mechanization", the 1st annual conference of Asia Digital Art and Design Association, September, 2003.
17. Baba Yasuhisa, Ihara Hisayasu, "A Proposal of GUI for visualising book-mark information", The 50th Annual Conference of JSSD, May 2003.
18. Ihara Hisayasu, "Herbert Bayer's Book Typography in the 1930's: Development of the concept "horizontal oder", The 49th Annual Conference of JSSD, December 2002.
19. Ryu Hyn Guk, Ihara Hisayasu, Genda Etsuo, "A Research on the Variation of Hangul Typeface by Development of Hangul-Alphabetic: The variation of Hangul language system produced by Hangul-Alpabetic typewriter", The 49th Annual Conference of JSSD, December 2002.
20. Ihara Hisayasu, "Neurath's View on the Exhibition Design :throgh his contribution to the planning for the "New Era" exhibition, The 48th Annual Conference of JSSD, October 2001.
21. Ihara Hisayasu, "Book and Modern Typography", The 47th Annual Conference of JSSD, October 2000.
22. Ihara Hisayasu, "Physiognomic Elements of Isotype", Sookmyung Women's University, Seoul, November, 1999.
23. Ihara Hisayasu, "Isotype as Graph ", The 46th Annual Conference of JSSD, October 1999.
24. Ihara Hisayasu, "Neurath and Modern Design", The 45th Annual Conference of JSSD, October, 1998.