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List of Presentations
Yako Masato Last modified date:2022.04.08

Professor / Sound Culture / Art Management / Department of Acoustic Design / Faculty of Design

1. Design for performing arts using motion capture system: representation of mie in Japanese kabuki
2. Boundary between Animal Vocal Communication and Music.
3. Recognition of Nagauta Notation with Undeciphered Codes by Using XML and XSLT.
4. Description of Music and Beauty by Language Game.
5. A Study of Source Annotation in the Original Text of Shamisen Music
Masato Yako
Kyushu Art Society.
6. A Data Format Using XML for Nagauta Notation: Discussion on the Devices Suitable for Various Notations,
Koichiro Kikuchi and Masato Yako,
Musicological Society of Japan.
7. A Data Representation Using XML for Nagauta Notation,
Masato Yako,
XML Japan.
8. A Notational Data Format for Traditional Music Using Standard Data Description Language: A Data Format Using XML for Nagauta Notation,
Masato Yako and Naoki Kishida,
Musicological Society of Japan.