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List of Reports
Yako Masato Last modified date:2022.04.08

Professor / Sound Culture / Art Management / Department of Acoustic Design / Faculty of Design

1. An analysis of singing voice by using consonance theory.
2. Study of Body Movements in Performance of Traditional Korean Percussion Janggu .
3. Conversion of Kunkunshi Database by Kaneshiro into XML .
4. Recognition and Description of Music and Beauty.
5. 池苑碩、矢向正人、源田悦夫, Using the Motion Capture for Theater Design, Proceeding of the 8th Asia Digital Art and Design, 2010.10.
6. Boundary between Animal Vocal Communication and Music.
7. Boundary between Animal Vocal Communication and Music.
8. Recognition of Uedeciphered Musical Notation Using XML and XSLT.
9. Recognition and Database Development of Musical Notations Including Undeciphered Codes by Using XML.
10. XML Notational Data Format for Ryukyu Island Classical Music and its Application to Representation.
11. A Study on the Music and its Gonchepu Notation of Naxi People in Ynnnan Province.
12. Development of an Application for Editing Nagauta Notation.
13. Database Development and Analysis of Japanese Classical Performing Arts by Using Motion Capture.
14. Yoshihiko TOKUMARU: L'aspect melodique de la musique de syamisen (book review),
Masato Yako,
Journal of the Society for Research in Asian Music, Vol.68, pp.46-52.
15. GIDA_U(XML Data Format for Japanese Nagauta Notation): Modularization of GIDA_U,
Koichiro Kikuchi and Masato Yako,
Information Processing Society of Japan, SIG Notes, Vol.2002, No.123, pp.15-22.
16. A Data Representation for Nagauta Notation Using XML,
Masato Yako,
Information Processing Society of Japan, SIG Notes, Vol.2001, No.103, pp.43-48.
17. Masato Yako, An Analysis of the Rhythmic Process of the Nagauta-shamisen, Proc. of BAR-IRAN '98 ICTM Study Group on Computer Aided Study, pp.7-37, 1998.09.
18. Masato, Yako, Timbre of Shamisen Tone and Perception of Decay in the Amplitude Envelope: Preliminary Study on the Relation between Timbre and Musical Structure, Proceedings of International Symposium on Musical Acoustics, 1992, pp.131-134, 1992.08.