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List of Reports
asahiro Kazuo Last modified date:2021.04.12

Associate Professor / Division of Landscape and Social Environmental Design / Department of Environmental Design / Faculty of Design

1. Kazuo Asahiro, Research on Landscape Restoration Design for Damaged Mountain Area, Asakura City, Fukuoka, Environmental Design Global Hub Annual Report vol.2, pp.82-84, 2019.03.
2. Kazuo Asahiro, Workshop:Landscape restoration design in the damaged mountainous area, Asakura at Kyushu University, Fukuoka, 24-27. July 2018, Environmental Design Global Hub Annual Report vol.2, pp.58-59, 2019.03.
3. Kazuo Asahiro, Workshop:Landscape Design One-day Workshop at Kyushu University, Japan, 28. July 2016, Environmental Design Global Hub Annual Report Vol.0, pp.40-41, 2017.03.
4. Kazuo Asahiro, Cultural Landscape Conservation by Volunteer Toursim after Earthquake and Flood Disaster in Yamato-cho, Kumamoto, Environmental Design Global Hub Annual Report vol.1 , 2018.03.
5. asahiro Kazuo, Development of Support Model for Farmland Restoration after Flood Disasters in Hilly and Mountainous Areas: Cases Affected by Torrential Rainfall in Northern Kyushu, Japan, Developing Sustainable and Resilient Rural Communities in the Midst of Climate Change: A Challenge to Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Strategies, International Conference, Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines., p 89-97, 2015.12.
6. Landscape and Information.