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List of Reports
Kohei WAKAMIYA Last modified date:2022.11.01

Assistant Professor / Information and acoustics system / Department of Acoustic Design / Faculty of Design

1. A study on the optimal alignment of transmitter coils for a three-dimensional electromagnetic articulography.
2. An Introductory Workshop on Acoustics for High School Students.
3. Continuum model of the vocal fold based on a particle method.
4. An evaluation of the three-dimensional electromagnetic articulographic system.
5. Generation of the vocal-tract spectrum using a dynamic articulatory model.
6. Articulatory-to-Acoustic Mapping Using Phoneme-Dependent Neural Networks ---An Investigation on the Parameter Learning Method---.
7. ``Articulatory-to-acoustic Mapping using Phoneme-based Neural Networks,'' Takuya TSUJI, Jiji KIM, Kohei WAKAMIYA and Tokihiko KABURAGI, Technical Report of IEICE..
8. ``A study on the source of position estimation errors in a three-dimensional electromagnetic articulography,'' Kohei WAKAMIYA, Tokihiko KABURAGI, Kohtaro SAWADA, Masaaki HONDA and Masashi SAWADA, Technical Report of IEICE..
9. ``Three-dimensional eletromagnetic articulography using a spline representation of the magnetic field,'' Tokihiko KABURAGI, Kohei WAKAMIYA, Kohtaro SAWADA and Masaaki HONDA, Techical Report of IEICE.
10. ``Estimable Limitation of High Linear Density Waveforms Superposing Reproduced Isolated Pulses,'' Kohei WAKAMIYA and Toshiyuki SUZUKI, Technical Report of IEICE.
11. Terumitsu TANAKA, Kohei WAKAMIYA and Toshiyuki SUZUKI, Read/Write Track Fringe Widths in Thin Film Disks, Technical Report of IEICE, 1999.02.