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List of Papers
toru koga Last modified date:2020.10.18

Professor / Art Theory and Practice / Department of Content and Creative Design / Faculty of Design

1. Design Aesthetics of the Late Industrial Era - Early Socialisms, Ruskin and Morris.
2. The Ontology of the Sign.
3. Design Aesthetics of the Early Industrial Era - Gutenberg, Thonet and the Machine Gun.
4. Design Aesthetics from the Renaissance to the Biedermeier.
5. Concept in Design-From the Theory of Deleuze and Guattari.
6. Philosophical Criticism of Nuclear Electric Power Technology.
7. Design of Execution Place.
8. Environmental Justice and Intergenerational Ethics
–An Interpretation of Rawls’s Saving Principle.
9. The Dancing Technology.
10. Philosophy as a component.
11. Aesthetics of Functionalism.
12. Death and the rest.
13. Die Zwecklose Maschine.