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List of Papers
Daewoong Kim Last modified date:2021.10.06

Professor / Department of Content and Creative Design / Faculty of Design

1. Kosuke Kajitani, Ikumi Higashijima, Kosuke Kaneko, Tomoko Matsushita, Hideaki Fukumori,Daewoong Kim, Short-term effect of a smartphone application on the mental health of university students: A pilot study using a user-centered design self-monitoring application for mental health, PLOS ONE, 2020 Sep 25;15(9):e0239592. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0239592. eCollection 2020., 2020.09.,, 15, 9, 2020.09.
2. Hikari UMENO, Daewoong KIM, Toshiko RAWANCHAIKUL, Development of a Support Tool for Effective Art Appreciation: Fun Art Appreciation without Prior Knowledge about Art, International Journal of Asia Digital Art and Design Association,, Vol. 23, No. 2, 01-08, 2019.07.
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10. Moreno Jacobo, Daewoong Kim, Prototype Design of a Human Body Loan-Kit aimed at Fourth Grade of Elementary School, International Journal of Asia Digital Art and Design,, Vol19,No.02,pp.55-62, 2015.07.
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14. Koshi Hoshino, Daewoong Kim, Yoshito Kawasoe, Discussion on Using Mockumentary Staging Techniques in the Creation of Frightening Imagery, International Journal of Asia Digital Art and Design,, Vol17,No.04,pp.111-117, 2014.01.
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25. Hoshino Koshi, Kim Daewoong, 3D CG restoration of the stage building of a novel, and application to novel research : 3D CG restoration research of the Birthplace " Mr.Maeda’s Villa " of a novel "KUSAMAKURA" (Soseki Natsume work)、International Journal of Asia Digital Arts and Design, Volume 3(pp.11-18), 2005.06.
26. Lee Joong-Youp, Kim Daewoong, The improvement and proposal of GUI in Japan BS digital data broadcast、International Journal of Asia Digital Arts and Design, Volume 3(pp.33-42), 2005.06.
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28. Digital archives of the Kumamoto Prefectural Art Museum.